Thursday, April 30, 2009

LOVE Rocks!

Robbie and I were walking to the car and I was telling her about my heart rock collection. I told her that I was waiting for Chiro-sister in a parking lot and looked down to see a heart rock. As I was telling her this, I looked down to find this:

I heart Robbie.

How cool is that? A quartz heart rock that I charged up with Reiki and is now in her collection. Some people marvel at this talent for finding heart rocks. It's the same with 4-leaf clovers. It's a visual skill that is an elegant illustration of the reticular activating system. It's the part of your brain that filters out information. We have so much stimuli coming at us that our conscious mind has to sift thru. It's about what's on your radar, and what you're focused on. Whatever you're into, there was a time when you didn't know about it. Take labyrinths, for example. There was a time when I wasn't aware of them. Then I had an experience of them with Susan and suddenly I saw them everywhere. In fact, I saw that Doug O'Brien had one on the cover of my Ericksonian Hypnosis instruction manual that I'd had for a few years before I even noticed!

I guess the question is: What's on your radar? What new thing are you noticing? What has become automatic? Something to think about . . . .

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Doug O'Brien said...

I wonder if this is what is meant when people say we create our own reality. Is it that we notice what we want to notice and disregard the rest, and then act as if our perception is reality?