Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sending Warm Breezes

It rained all weeeeeeeeeeeeeek before I left to go to FL and now I've come back to...RAIN. It's cold and wet and drippy. This is where we dust off the sun-above-the-clouds metaphor. Whatever. So I'm remembering the beach from Sunday. Blue skies and breezes:

. . . and jelly fish:

Eeeewwww!!! ;-)

Whenever you wish for things to be other than they are, you just annoy yourself.

I'm paraphrasing Jerry Stocking, but you get the idea. So I'm not going to wish for the rain to stop. I've had a delightful,creative, quiet day of writing which would not have come about if it had been sunny and I went running out into the world to do busy-and-important things. Yay, me. :-)

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