Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pix

Sign on the way to Pioneer Sister's:


Pioneer Sister's very own creek.

So this next pic has a bit of a STORY:

I like to knit. Scarves. I've never gone beyond that except when a scarf turned into a blanket. Mum said that there was more to knitting than scarves and that I should be graduated to a sweater. She got some purple yarn for me and a pattern. I started to do it but I wasn't casting on right. Your stitches are too loose. Here, let me help you with that. [and by "help" she meant do for me] Then I missed some knitting or pearled when I shouldn't have. Here, let me help you with that. So she redid. The next thing I know, she's knitted the first 3 inches. OK, now try the next bit. Well . . . it sat there and I left it behind when I back to my house. I thought I'd get to it eventually . . .

Apparently not:

Well, you know I've done this pattern so many times, I thought I'd do something different with it, Mum said when she gave it to me. WOW! A labyrinth sweater!!! So what's v. funny about this sweater is that it's a finger labyrinth. Which kind of invites people to trace it with their fingers. Which Pioneer Sister's kids kept trying to do. Hahahaha THANKS, Mum!

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