Saturday, December 13, 2008

City River, Country River

I never gave a proper THANK YOU to my friend Maryann for telling me about Oakwood. I had a whole studio apt. with a kitchen, so it was really nice to be able to cook & not worry about hidden MSG or Gluten. PLUS there was my favourite Trader Joe's that she took me to for groceries when I first got there.

Here's a shot of the L.A. River on my way to Warner Bros.

You call yourself a river?

Any fellow Blogspot bloggers out there? Do you upload in a particular order only to have them randomly reshuffled? Hehhhh...So this is spozed to be a shot of my river:

Except it's not. This is yesterday from my front porch. It rained a lot and you can see the mountains are all icy. The next pic is taken from the other side. This is the only time you can see my house:

Now this, THIS is a river:

Beautiful. I actually took this with Aida in mind because we were both joking about the L.A. River. Oh you City People with your fancy concrete-against-nature rivers. ;-)

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