Monday, December 15, 2008

Oprah Doesn't Get It

I am late-ish with the post because I have been v. busy with John Morgan Seminars. I'm booking our weight-loss & smoking cessation seminars around the country. T'is the season to get healthy!

What about Oprah? you ask. Well. I was reading O Magazine about her weight. Again with the weight. No matter what other accomplishments, it is her lifelong challenge. [Side note here: A couple years ago, I was actually heavier than Oprah. It gave me a kick into gear. Really? I'm bigger than Oprah? How can this be? Oh, it be. But not anymore.]

This is what I notice: there is no attention paid to the subconscious, or Other-Than-Conscious, as Dave Dobson calls it. It's the part of us that drives our behaviour. Wouldn't you want to get in rapport with that part of you? Wouldn't you want to work WITH your subconscious instead of trying to strong arm it with "willpower." Dave used to say that it was like holding a beach ball under water. Eventually, it will pop back up. What if every part of you was in alignment for your highest and best good? What if all parts of you--your beliefs, your body, your feelings were all congruently working together? Wouldn't it be nice to stop fighting with yourself?

We could hallucinate all sorts of reasons WHY Oprah is fat again. She has. Reasons can keep us stuck where we are. As long as she fights her body, she will continue the struggle. John says that 95% of the women in his programs come up to him and say, "I hate my body." If you had someone in your life that you were openly hostile to and more than that, told anyone who would listen how much you detested that person, how receptive would your enemy be to a request? That's what's going on with your body when you hate it and fight with it and create a weight struggle.

So here's my prescription for Oprah:

Perhaps she'll get this part: acceptance. Really, it's very Eckhart Tolle. And John is a huge Eckhart fan. My wish for Oprah is that she finds some peace within herself, and that she discovers a new, easier way not to lose weight, but to create balance, harmony, and health for the new year.

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