Monday, December 8, 2008


I received a HARO query about Creativity from Gary Unger. He was requesting thoughts on creativity from both experts & laypeople, and to list which one you are in the subject line. Hmmm . . . what are his qualifications for an "expert?" I consider myself an expert, would he? I was thinking about how creativity to me is like breathing. I NEED IT. The best creative endeavors come from stepping aside and allowing creativity to flow through you.

So I had all these thoughts about creativity and then I hopped over to check out this a.m.'s Grasshopper Note . . . about creativity. Brilliant. Here's a quote:

The main purpose I see in life is to co-create with the life force that lives you. This creative force is with you your whole life. It doesn't sleep, take sick days or vacations. The only way to stop its flow is to believe it's not necessary, not in abundant supply, or not available to you.

I couldn't have said it better. So today is my last day in Burbank . . . and I'm wondering what FUN I can create today . . . .

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