Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The above comic is from last year's Brewster Rockit. I was sending a gift to John, which I would reveal here except that he hasn't opened it yet. Well, he'll know it's a book--there's a surprise! Anyway, I thought I'd include some gifty-thingies for the other members of the House of Morgan, so I emailed & asked what I could get for his son. He replied, Something from the heart. D'oh! I was looking for tangibles. It's so much easier just to get a gift card or some generic trinket, but how much more meaningful when we put some thought and care into it.
I love Christmas and I've rebelled against the consumerism of the season. All the STUFF. And all the rushing about that accompanies the getting of the stuff. Watch out for those stressed-out rushing people in the parking lots. They'll take you out.
Perhaps things are a bit different in these economic times. Perhaps we are putting more time and energy and thought into our gifts this year. Perhaps it really is the thought that counts. That's what a thoughtful gift is all about. From the heart.

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