Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rula Lenska is in the House

When I was growing up, I would get laryngitis every once in a while. Apparently, I still do. I woke up in the airplane somewhere between Burbank & Dallas at 32,000 feet with a cold. Or something. My alter-ego when I have laryngitis is Rula Lalenska. She was a "famous English actress" back in the 70's because the Alberto VO5 commercial said she was. She has this deep, husky voice and she says:

Iiiiiiiii'm Rula LENska. Friends are here from Ameri-CA, and I'm going to show them LONdon.

And then you see her navigating the drippy-wet streets of London with this Helmut Hair that doesn't budge. I looked for the commercial on Youtube, but they only have this one.

But I found this other one that is equally entertaining.

Not stiff or sticky???

Helmut Hair: Ozone Layer


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