Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day of Rest

OK, I'm at Mum's and there's so much going on, but I will endeavor to slap up a post. The above picture was taken from a Sample folder, but I thought it looks appropriately frosty. Mum is doing the crossword puzzle and Brother D says my quote this a.m. should be:

I am the grammarian about whom your mother warned.

He is, too. He's the reason they created a Grammar Award at Wakefield School. Yesterday we did Xmas. One of the funniest parts of the day was when Brother D was re-enacting the woman in the parking lot who was freaking out. "I done lost muh teeth!" she said while digging down her shirt. Hahahaha

Chiro-sister is celebrating the fact that we have real Q-tips here and not "the daggers" from a previous visit. None of us can leave the house without cleaning our ears. Yeah, TMI. All right, have a GREAT day-of-rest, back tomorrow.

P.S. Here's another quote:
"Marlene, that snowflake is for looking . . . I said LOOKING, not licking!"

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