Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy 2nd Day of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas isn't just a song, there really are 12 days. I like this idea because it spreads it out. How was your first day? Merrie? Let me tell you what I did yesterday--wait, back up to Christmas Eve Day: mild weather, perfect for . . . cleaning out gutters? Really, Mum? This is how we're celebrating? Hehhhhh . . . . here's a little tip about gutter cleaning: if you wait until it's been freezing, then the gutter stuff comes out in convenient, icy chunks and it goes relatively fast. I also split my first log for the woodstove. First and last. Now I know I can do it if I have to. My Pioneer Sister is a regular lumber jack with a real ax. We used some wedgey-splitter thingie. Yeah, I'm a wimp.

On to Christmas! It was another mild day and Mum was looking out the window. You know what would be good to do today . . . .

Really, Mum? Wash the cars? That's how we're celebrating Christmas???

But we decided to have a Bones Fest. She made a big pot of veggie soup (YUM!) And then, THEN! Mum stabbed her hand getting an avocado pit loose. That's all right, I'll be fine. Just a minor flesh wound. And she wanted me to stitch it up. But then she found some steristrips from 1978 in her first aid tackle box. Once I knew she was OK, I immediately called Brother D to make fun of the situation.

When we were growing up, he cut his finger and Mum stitched it up at the kitchen table. When Brother D winced in pain, Mum told him to "think of England." So of course, that was the first thing he said, after recommending super glue. We didn't have any, but apparently it works v. well, tho it stings. Well, just think of England.

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