Saturday, December 20, 2008

Will Smith has got it goin' on . . .

Yeah, THAT Will Smith. How many Will Smiths do you know? Except for Mum. She's thinking, Will Who? He was on Oprah yesterday. [Side note here: I love DVR! You can zip thru all the commercials and watch Oprah in half an hour. Watching TV in real time is now excruciating.] Back to Will: he was so quotable yesterday. So here's my favourite:

Now this is the story
all about how
my life got flipped,
turned upside down . . .

Kidding. But it's amazing that he has come from this:

. . . to this:

I'm at a point in my life where I've made a decision that nothing in my life is going to be without purpose. I've grown to a place where I realize that the only true happiness, the only way to really be happy, is to live in service to humanity.

I want my life, I want my work, my family--I want it to mean something . . . and if you're not making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.

Makes me want to work with orphans somewhere. :-) Back tomorrow.

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