Monday, December 1, 2008

December, already?

I would say that I'm temporally challenged. I lose track of time. It's a characteristic of being left-handed/right-brained. Still. Sometimes I look up at the clock or the calendar & think, "Woah! What year is this?" Hahaha No, I don't. Yes, I do.

Tomorrow I head out to Calif. again. Already! There was so much I was going to DO before I went--oh, the hazards of living in the present moment! I'll prolly blog from out there, altho, not everyday. Just sayin'.

I'll be at the Ellen show on Thurs. (don't know when it's airing yet). And I'm going to be teaching a one-day beginner Reiki class this Sat. in the Burbank area. Email me with REIKI in the subject if you'd like to come . Here's the info:

"Reiki" means healing energy. Learn this Japanese healing art to learn healing techniques for you and your loved ones. Included in this one-day seminar:

*Reiki Meditation
*Connecting to you intuitive guidance
*Pain alleviation techniques
*Toning, tuning forks & other healing tools
*Energy exercises
*FREE* Reiki handbook:
History of Reiki~ Myths & Fact
Reiki Journal

SATURDAY Dec. 6th 10 a.m.~5 p.m. in Burbank
Class investment: $108

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