Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Touristy Stuff

Yesterday my friend Henny came & picked me up and we did some touristy stuff. So we went to the mecca of cement hand & footprints. Here's Henny with John Travolta:


It's a WONDERFUL life!

I love this. She wrote "hand & foot prints" with her initials in case there was any doubt. Thanks for breaking it down for us, Gloria.


Blogger shuffled the pix. Anyway, after the handprints, we went to an art gallery. It was an odd experience, mostly because we were followed around by the guards. I think Henny's one-year-old made them nervous. Plus, I imagine there's not really that much for them to DO except tell me I can't use a flash with my camera. And no pix of things not on permanent display. Oh, and not to touch the art piece that had a knob on it. Oops. It was really cool. Of course you're supposed to OPEN it, that was the whole point! Why else did the artist put an knob on it? And the inside was this awesome display of intricate lines. . . . Here's a shot of Ganesh, hundreds of years old:
You're not allowed to touch this one either, but you can see the patina where centuries of hands have rubbed him. For luck, in worship. It was odd walking around this particular room with Indian deities--it all seemed so sterile and dead. Not like that sense of the sacred that you would feel in a temple. After the gallery, we went out for Indian food. I had the BEST chai! The BEST, Jerry!
Today I am heading back to VA. A day of travel, woo hoo. Back tomorrow. :-) H.

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