Saturday, December 6, 2008

Greetings from Sunny CA

Well. Here I am again in Burbank. How was Ellen? you say. Lemme tell ya! AWESOME, of course, what else? The show airs on this Mon. Guests were:

James Spader~ post Boston Legal visit.
Brian Williams~hysterically funny AND a dog-lover; literally tongue-kissing his dog. You'll see. She's 15 so you know she's not around much longer. It made me think of Barkley & Remi, of course. *sigh* Ellen's theme song does, anyway because Remi would trot into the living room when he heard the show starting because that was his massage time. Sweet memories...
Beyonce~OK, so she wasn't actually on the show. They just announced her & we had to cheer. Then they drop in her segment in post. See, those are industry technical terms in the biz. ;-)

During a commercial break I look over at Ellen and--she's waving at me! Wow. So I wave back. She was waving at me except she wasn't. She was waving to a woman near me. Has that ever happened to you? What do you do? So then I pretended not to be waving? How can you take a wave back? Hahahaha BTW, if you're facing the audience, I'm one in from the far left wearing a red shirt & black jacket, about 4 or 5 rows up. That's Jennifer on the far far left next to me.

No, no, what I want to know is what kinda Christmas loot did you get?

Oh...right. That. Well. An XBox 360. 380? What? Anyway, it goes to XM Radio Guy. How could I choose which family member it goes to? So now they can all just seethe at him. Stoopid XM Radio Guy, they'll say. So I Fed-exed the XBox to (ex)XM Radio Guy. Hahahaha I also got a new Canon camera, Netflix for a year with some gadgety-gizmo that I can download movies onto (cool!) and an Amex $100 gift card.

That's all the STUFF. So what was cool was getting to hang with my Ellen friends from San Diego. We were at the later taping because there's 2 on Thurs. so we went for Mexican. What a bunch of great gals! Unfortunately no pix to upload now.

I met a v. sweet young woman with fibromyalgia at the show. 3 months ago she was in a wheelchair. Of course I was all Blah Blah Blah Brimhall. This has almost become a cliche, but she said, " I think I came here to meet you." It happens on airplanes, seminars, everywhere. 4 years ago I would not have even thought it possible to be here. It would take me 2 hours just to get out of bed. So when I meet someone who is in a similar boat, I'm inviting her to switch to a different boat. Things that get worse can get better. And when you feel better, you do better.

Today is a day of Reiki, so I'll sign off here. Sending out SMILES & good vibes . . . .


Anonymous said...

First time reader here...I love Ellen's show. She cracks me up all the time, which is interesting because I never really liked her sitcom. Love her talk show though!

Also, I'm a dog lover too so I'll have to look and see if you have pix of your doggies on your site :)

Hali Chambers said...

Hi Melanie!
Thanks for stopping by! Always great to meet a fellow dog lover--we're a special breed. Hahahaha
All the BEST, :-) H.