Thursday, March 29, 2007

Birthday Poem

I often write email poems for birthdays. These tend to be more on time than anything I send via snail mail. Since I've not added a blog in a while (sorry, Mum!), I thought I'd share it. Today is the birthday of a person who is very dear to our family, Dr. John Brimhall.

Perhaps we look at years gone by
in terms of people and places
And in our hearts are friends & fam
Joyful, loving embraces.
We remember the smiles
laughter and tears
tragedies and triumphs
through the years.
Family gatherings of
laughter and fun
and working hard
to get it all done.
In moments of stillness
and quiet reflection
we remember God's LOVE
in all our connections.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What the Caterpillar Calls Death, We Call a Butterfly

This is for a dear friend who is going through some transitions within her family, and for anyone who is faced with change. I was asked recently if I had experienced the loss of a loved one & how it affected my life. Sister, father, beloved aunt~but it is different when you lose your first friend. The lesson I've learned from death is that when you focus on separation, you feel the loss. LOVE has no boundaries of time & space; and when Love is your focus, you are forever connected to that person and there is no sense of separation.
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross used to say that when we die, it's like a butterfly leaving its cacoon. Death is really just a birth into the world of Spirit and whether the death is physical or metaphorical, all endings are new beginnings.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Snowy Labyrinth

I love the sound of the snow crunching under my feet....

My cat Vixen always comes to visit me when I'm in the labyrinth.

Wild life in the 'burbs....

You know how you see something and wish you had a camera? Well, I did!

It's prolly rabid.

Presentation is Everything

Many moons ago in college, I took a Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain class. One of the things I learned was that anyone can draw. All it takes is to learn to see as an artist sees, and then you can draw what you see. Since then I've gone on to other artistic endeavors, but that basic class has served me well--and was an introduction on learning and the brain. I found these drawings in an art pad when I was cleaning the basement with Mum. They are not my drawings but Terry's after I told him he needed to get a hobby. And no, I didn't model. He copied from a book. And no, I didn't tear the heads off--he just drew the bodies. An art therapist would have a field day with that...but being a chiropractor, of course he would draw spines! Anyway, I dolled them up with red & gold tissue paper & painted the frames. This is my favourite one.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lessons from a Sunrise

Sometimes when everything looks grey, it's easy to think that everything is grey. Or, you can look for the light. It's about focus, perpective, and direction....

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tesla & Turkey Guts

This is a fascinating over-my-head interview with retired army officer Lt. Col. Tom Bearden about the work of Nikola Tesla. It's well-known within some circles that Tesla was the real inventor of the radio along with a bunch of other Star Trekkian technology--we still haven't caught up with this genius. Mr. Bearden talks about the work of French scientist Antoine Preori (spelling?) who cured terminal tumors in rats with Tesla-based technology. He goes into weapons implications but also healing--including distance healing. He also tells how to create clean non-nuclear, fossil-fuel-free energy. Awesome stuff!

And now for turkey guts...this is an answer to our plugged-up landfills and dependence on foreign oil--or fossil fuels, for that matter. This place transforms turkey guts & other waste products into oil. OIL! Way cool.

Last Blizzard of the Season?

Well. Enough snow to prevent travel...and enough to eat! This is Remi...he loves the snow!
And I love watching him act like a puppy at the age of 12. :-) H.

Monday, March 5, 2007


This year I started going to church again. I've gone to Unity by the Bay on & off for many years & there's a new-to-me minister there, Mahala, who is such a gift. She lives a good distance from the church, so every first Sunday, we have a guest minister/speaker. I almost didn't go to church yesterday because I adore Mahala so much. In fact, before church I was in the little bookstore buying CD's of her past talks so that I can listen to her in the car.
However, I'm so grateful that I did go. I sat entranced listening to our guest, Charlette Manning. What a BEAUTIFUL spirit she has! One of the things she talked about was the difference between expecting and asking. Asking has the energy of hope. Expecting has the energy of faith. I choose FAITH. I'm now reading her book, The Ingredients to Spiritual Peace (forgiveness, faith, gratitude, & love). AWESOME stuff!
I am so grateful to have such inspired people in my life. THANK YOU!!! :-) H.