Wednesday, June 19, 2019


LOVE this interview!


Boundaries: What's OK and not OK.

"I'm compassionate because I don't subject myself to the abuse of other people."

B.I.G. What boundaries need to be in place in order for me to be in my integrity and be generous towards you?

"Continue to help with a loving, non-judgmental heart or we need to stop helping . . .Helping through hatred is not helping."

[If I believed that people were doing the best that they could] I would have to stop being angry, and start grieving . . . .

It's very hard to be compassionate towards people when they're hurting us.

Do you believe that people are doing the best they can?

I have no idea. But I do know that my life is better when I assume they are.  ~Brene`s husband, Steve

* * * * * * * 

I think of Don Miguel Ruiz's The 4 Agreements, in which he says, "Always do your best."  He goes on to point out that your "best" can change depending on fatigue or health or stress levels or situations. 

I think the world works better when we give others the benefit of the doubt and don't assume the worst in their intentions. Even if it turns out that they are ill-intentioned, as Brene`'s husband points out, it makes our lives better with a belief in others doing the best they can.