Monday, August 26, 2013

Bingo's Fence

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend. Saturday at 8:30a, fence construction began!  This has been a source of amusement because Lawnmower Ben has been asking me questions all week about it.
Brother Atlasta & I got all the supplies that I was told we needed. But the original guy who measured the yard & told me what I needed, then moved to Utah. So there's Ben, surveying my supplies.

Ben: Do you have wire stretchers?
Me: Wire stretchers?
Ben: You can't do this without wire stretchers.
Me: Oh.
Ben: Why do you have field fence, anyway?
Me: Because that's what I need?
Ben: You ain't puttin' a cow back there.

So Ben & I returned the field fence, and got what he called "dog wire." Which doesn't require wire stretchers.

Ben: Do you have an auger?
Me: An auger?
Ben: They ain't doin' this by hand, are they? That's 40 holes; they'll be here all day.

They did some by hand.

Here's the auger in action.
And here's Bingo during the operation:

On the couch.

 Another shot of the guys at work:

Elder Brown by back of labyrinth:

Bingo watching the progress:

Back inside:
Ready for belly rubs!
Part one was finished in about 4 hours. The ground was so wet from all the rain we've had, that they didn't even have to mix the concrete first. When they dug the holes, they started filling up with water, so they just poured the concrete directly into the holes with the posts. So those are setting, and then Lawnmower Ben & the missionaries are coming over sometime this week to run the fence around. 
Ben: Do you have U-nails?
Me: U-nails?
Ben: [sigh]  I'll getchu some. 

After the guys left.  Walkies:


She loves rooting thru the grass. 

T-Bob in stealth mode.

On the attack. He leaps up at Bingo. 

Back in the dirt.
 New gate down to the lake:

Heading down the trail.

The leaves are starting to turn.


She's such a gorgeous girl.

Back up the trail. *sniff*

Tabby joining us. He'll be able to get out thru the fence; Bingo will not. Like the cat door. 

*sniff*  with paw lift.  :-) 
And that's been our week. Part 2 of the fence should happen some time this week. I'm looking FW to having Bingo be able to run free without a leash.  :-)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Red Neck Wednesday

I've been on a country kick lately. Mum will already say, "Who?" but here's Blake Shelton:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bingo & Tabby

Heading out on our walk:

Bingo leaves Tabby to scritchy-scratch.
 Then Tabby settles into some good driveway dirt:

See this beautiful butterfly?

Bingo is oblivious. But Tabby is not!

My beautiful purple flower-weeds . . . 
. . . are turning into this:

Across the road in the morning, the cows graze:

The calf is getting big! His name is Coco but I call him HowNow (as in "how now, brown cow"). 
Sometimes I want to go across the road & say hello to them, but I don't want Tabby to cross the road with us. But the cows look up and acknowledge us when we walk up the driveway. They're used to us. We got a new neighbor across the street, bordering the cow field. The partying 20-somethings left. And a guy came out with a little chi-wow-wow type dog and was walking it, smoking a cigarette. The cows looked over at him, and then looked over at me as if to say, "New guy." 
And then down to the lake we go:
I want to point out that the green stuff along the edge of the water is not algae, it's lily pads.
 Look!  The leaves are turning:

I think Bingo was watching some kids across the lake play.
 Every once in a while, she gets tangled up:

I let her go wherever she wants, so recently she decided to explore along the little creek:
As she trotted down there, a frog jumped into the water.

 Found this:
What is it about creeks that people chuck tires along side?  *SIGH*

Another leaf turning.

Across the lake. Again, those are lily pads! 

And back up the trail we go.  :-)

Monday, August 12, 2013

In The Office
T-Bob: Zzzzz . . . .
 I woke him, so:
He shifted positions. Zzzzz . . . . 
 Here's Bingo:

Tabby hears the camera:
 Bingo licking out almond butter from a bowl:

 It starts to scoot across the (awesome) floor:
Stops it with her paw.

Things she will not eat: mostly fruit. Blueberries, mango, & the most recent: peaches.  She tried to lick the bowl after my peaches, but she gave up. I'm sure she's thinking, "It's in the white bowl. Things in the white bowl taste good. This does not. Yuck. I'm not finishing it."  Hahahaha


Look!  This tree has decided to pull back on its chlorophyll situation!
 Aaaaand back to Bingo:
Thru the brush.
 She doesn't pay any attention to the butterflies:

Bush girl:

In the meantime, Tabby:
Stealth mode in the driveway.

Bingo passes by unscathed. 
 Down to the lake:


And back up to the house.  :-)