Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That's a good one . . .

Apparently someone in the Converse marketing Dept. grew up listening to the radio in Wilkes-Barre. All this sneaker is missing is a Knock-Knock joke.

Monday, November 29, 2010

M&M Monday

This week has been almost back to normal. Maggie still has her lateral head tilt (not as bad) & can be a bit wobbley, but she's walking 'n' woofing like her old self.  :-)  I called Dr. Lee about my laser which wasn't working, and he sent me a new one! So I've been lasering her cerebellum, ears, etc. She's doing MUCH better! I think she needs another adjustment, so if I can get out this week with her, I'll get her to Dr. King. Here she is with Millie, trotting down the driveway.

I'm still hand feeding her, tho. I'm not sure if she still needs me to do it, or if she just likes being hand-fed. I mix their food up with water and salmon oil, so that it gets soft. Maggie prefers less water, but Millie likes her food soupy. Don't ask me how I know that. I don't know how I know. I just know. You know? Because Millie likes it more liquidy, and because they eat in the LR, and because she pulls her bowl with her teeth and could spill the soupy contents, I propped her bowl up:

My sneaker to the rescue!

All done!
So I have this cat hanging around, prolly because I fed it. *sigh* Yeah, I know; I have sucker tatooed on my forehead. Anyway, s/he sits on the back porch taunting the girls:

It's hard when I'm trying to bring the wood in, keep the dogs IN, and the cat OUT! S'he's v. friendly, but a nuisance; weaving infinity eight's around my legs as I'm trying to walk! On the other hand, she encourages the girls to exercise. I actually had to run after Maggie as she was going after the cat. Obviously they've been socialized to cats. And this cat--after hissing and spitting and a coupla half-hearted paw-swats, is all purry with them.

Door-stopping paws. Hard to get out--but even worse if I'm out on the porch!
So I need to do something with the cat before it gets really cold. M&M will miss their entertainment, but oh well!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gratitude Pictoral

Walks in Autumn

Millie & Maggie

Birthday celebrations with Mum

Chiro-sister all snurgley-shmushy-faced with baby. Awww. And whose diapers I don't have to change. :-)

At Mum's birthday with Brother Atlasta & assorted nephews 'n' nieces.

My labyrinth that Chiro-sister helped me build.

The Goo Goo Dolls

My sweet Remi
Barkley & Vixen

Bruce Lipton!
Chloe Wordsworth  :-)

Wood for my wood stove! (And how to impress Mum)

Funny & insightful.

Wintertime sunrises.

Winter Beauty


Red bud trees on my road in the spring.

Apple blossoms

M&M enJOYing Springtime after a long winter.

Remi, my treasure in the labyrinth.

Mum, dog tolerator.

4-leaf clovers.

Locust blossoms & locust honey. YUM.

Millie so happy.
My sweet Maggie.


My driveway.

Perching hummingbirds.

Mum vizzies.

Lazy-dazy days down by the river.

Lazy-days summer laundry days & dogs hanging out.

Hummingbirds on my back porch.

Back porch days with M&M

My sweet River House.  :-)

Thru all the seasons.  :-)

Warm & coziness in wintertime.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


T'is the season for gratitude and whatnot. Here are a few things I'm grateful for:

1.   Plumbing.
2.   Plumbing that works with hot & cold water. And long winter soaks in the tub.
3.   Electricity.
4.   Let's just say, "Modern conveniences."
5.   My dogs, past & present.
6.   Family & friends--maybe I should've put that before plumbing? And Mum will say before the dogs.
7.   Laughter--everyday funnies like talking to John Morgan or watching Maggie's dots go up & down to watching Ellen or Eddie Izzard or Christopher Guest movies. All v. funny.
8.   Health--maybe that should go before plumbing, too. Don't know why plumbing's on my mind. Well, yes I do, but I'm not at liberty to divulge someone else's plumbing issues. Prolly too late to get a plumber this week, anyway, what with T-day coming up.
9.   Labyrinths--present one in backyard and my first one in WV. 
10. A proper cup of tea & a good book.
11.  Massage therapy; giving & receiving. It's the BEST, Jerry!
12. Living here in nature & being able to work from home.
13. My crock pot & slow-cooked meals. 
14. Mangoes & avocados. 
15. Music--all kinds, except the noisy stuff like heavy metal. And a lot of opera. Especially that Wagner guy.
16. My tap water. It's the BEST, Jerry! Oops, and we're back on plumbing . . . moving on . . . .
17. Creativity.
18. Learning new things. 
19. Playing with my nephews & nieces. And sibs.
20. My home.  :-)

So much to be grateful for! (Like grammar: So much for which to be grateful). HAPPY Tuesday, everyone!  :-)

Monday, November 22, 2010

M&M Monday

Maggie went thru another can't-walk-vertigo spell a few days ago, so I took her for a chiropractic adjustment and lasering and now she can walk again. Afterwards, I did a quick stop at Walmart. After I parked, the girls sat up to see where we were. Then they looked out the window & both started whining. "What are they looking at?" I thought. I follow their eyes and way across the parking lot is a tall man with a shaved head looking very much like Gareth from Mystic Pet:

Gareth with the girls.
But it wasn't Gareth. (Sorry no pic of random shaved-head-guy). We did stop by Mystic Pet on the way home for treats and hellos, but Gareth wasn't there. So then we headed home . . .

On the way back from our chiro-visit. I stopped to take a few pix and Millie looks out at the cows.

Early Morning Walk.

Sweet Maggie.

It's a nose-off! Oh, wait. Zzzzzz . . . .

We're in hunting season and guns are going off, so Maggie sports her Thunder Shirt.

Maggie is still unsteady and looks like a drunken sailor when she walks, but I don't have to lug-carry her down the ramp. She has a left lateral head tilt and tends to lean that way. So this week she's been leaning against my leg, and I have a towel to support her back legs.

Maggie hanging out. I just leave the towel under her until it's time to go back in. 
 Unless . . . 

She gets up & goes over to her favourite bush and plops down.

Yesterday afternoon it was so nice I thought I'd let the girls stay out a bit and sun themselves. I also thought I'd take the opportunity to sneak back in and vacuum the LR without them barking at the vacuum cleaner. I finished vacuuming and just in time; there's Millie on the porch, ready to come in. Except it wasn't Millie, it was Maggie. YAY, her!  She's getting better again.

Here's Millie hanging out on the front porch. It's been such a gorgeous week!
The girls are fascinated with the woodshed. Every so often they are in their sniffing around the wood piles. I figure they're smelling the squirrels that go in there. However, the other day Mum had come for a vizzie, & I was walking her out to the car. "Do you hear that?" I asked. "What?" she said. "That," I said. We both listened. "Sounds like a cat," we said. And there it was, on top of a woodpile in the wood shed. I didn't get a picture of it, but it came around again yesterday afternoon:

I thought it had lost its tail, but Neighbor Sue says it could be a cross between a house cat & a bobcat. It's tame, so it must belong to someone . . . .

Here are the girls, watching the cat.

Maggie lost interest, but Millie stays.

And plants herself.
And that's our exciting week!