Monday, June 30, 2014

Doggie Monday

Apologies for the delay . . .

Dew Claws

These are Bingo's back feet.
 Here's a different view:
She bites them off so I don't have to try to cut them. She's v. skittish about nail clipping!

Assuming the position for belly rubs!
View Out My Office: Reggie 

Outside, Bingo coming to say hullo:

See that pile of fur on the right?  Yeah, you could say she's shedding a bit.
Reggie's molting like a lama.
So I brushed him, too while he was on the sofa, but I only got the side he wasn't sitting on:

Like a lama.
I was talking to chiro-sis about redoing my living room. Switching out furniture and she said, "Isn't the sofa just one big dog bed?" What's going to happen to the sofa you swap for this one?"  Um. Well, it will get the drop cloth treatment like the present sofa.

At which point I decided to redo my office. Blog post coming soon. Back to the dogs:

Reggie sliding down in slow mo.

Look at that rolly tongue!

Reggie is too quick! Every time I get the camera, he bolts!

Bingo below:
Zzzzzz . . . .
Nephew Ro & chiro-sis Ruth come for a vizzie. The Ru & Ro Show. Ha!

The lake in the afternoon sun.

Blue skies.  :-)

Down the pier.

Ro heading for some "pretend fishing:"

Back up the trail:

Red bud leaves. My favourite!
Back in the office:
It wouldn't be Doggie Monday without a shot of T-Bob.

Another shot of Reggie doing a U-turn out of the room:

So this was Tabby's reaction to my re-doing the office:
Where are all my sleeping spots?

Sneak-peek with Reggie.

And this morning:

Reggie wakes me up every morning with a whiny-growly sound. And then he licks my hand or elbow or whatever appendage is closest and wags his tail, swishy-swish. Then Bingo joins in with her squeaky-groan. So funny these two. Tabby, curled up next to me, opens his eyes and gives the hairy-eyeball-look-of-disdain. You know the kind; that only cats and mothers can give. And thus begins my day; the dogs bounding out of the bedroom and Tabby weaving in and out of my legs as I head down the hall to brush my teeth. HAPPY Monday!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Some Baltimore Pix

My Garmin GPS directed me to go into downtown DC in rush hour traffic on a Friday. Thanks for that extra hour, Garmin. [insert sarcasm font with a few expletives].

The capital Capitol. 

Tourists. This is where I make up a STORY, like when I see a couple in a catalog:
A woman stumbles on my blog and says, "Is that Gary? But he said he was at a dentist's convention. Wait a minute, is that NANCY-the-florist with him?!" 

Double decker bus!
 But we were soon on our way . . . 

After we were all checked in, we took a walk:
Clock tower across the street.
It was used in the decor of the restaurant in the hotel:
My photo doesn't do it justice, but it made cool wallpaper!
John will have something technical to say about the use of my flash, I'm sure.
This was right across the street from the hotel.  A "gentleman's" club.


In front of the Hippodrome--there's my letter!
 Pretty hibiscus:

Texture of a palm tree trunk.

Outside our hotel, trying to anchor down the flags.
Someone didn't want wanton flapping of flags in the breeze!
 We were near Camden Yard, so this:
Babe Ruth.

Another clock.
Architects are funny. "You know what we need? A building in the formation of steps. Or legos."
The way the light is makes it look transparent. Pretty cool.
 Sign at a restaurant:

Inside the Hippodrome:
Yeah, I know. Stoopid flash.

I already showed this, but it's worth repeating!

This was on the other side: