Monday, April 27, 2015

Doggie Monday

It's Monday morning and the air is filled with the dulcet tones of Buddy-the-Beagle's "hunting dog" bark. You know the kind. He's tracking something around the yard, nose squished into an accordion, with an occasional rapid-fire "Ah-roo-roo-roo!"

Apologies to the neighbors. *sigh*

Speaking of the back yard, we've had a lot of rain . . .
Collection of toys, etc. in preparation for the mowing that didn't happen
due to a malfunctioning blade dropper thingie. That's the technical term. 

Gorgeous spring day:

I dumped out the water breeding ground for mosquitoes:

But of course:

Because there's NO WATER to be found anywhere else!
I need a sarcasm font. 
Bingo in her spot & here's Reggie:

Soulful look for Reggie. And do you see he's molting?
They all are. [insert eye-roll from Mum]
And leaves. Lots of leaves.

View out kitchen window with Reggie & toys. Bingo in one of her other spots:

Of course when I go to get a proper photo:
Can you see the hint of a beagle somewhere in this jungle?
Lower right of the photo.
There he is!
Reggie chewing on a bone:

And this is their day; hanging out in the back yard:

*squinch* He almost looks like Bingo here, doesn't he?
Buddy with a bone:

And the bone goes in the hole:

Love those floppy ears:

This never fails to make me laugh; Buddy's tail at half-droop:

Sitting amongst the dandelions:

View out the kitchen window:

Another make-me-laugh moment with the way he's sitting:


Bingo overlooking her domain:
And also molting.

Buddy has a perpetual dirt ring around his nose.

Puppy dog eyes:

Getting sleeeeepy.
Bingo in the grass:

Again with the tail!

Like a lion on the hunt:


Bingo in her favourite dirt patch:

Here's a sneak peek at my new sofa; it's a love seat. Soft, squishy & informal. And a dark colour that will be more forgiving. You can see the colour pattern from the pillow--that's the only thing that will be exposed to doggy paws! And here's Buddy's spot when he's looking out the window:



What's he roo-ing at?  This:

Does his expression not say it all?

"Stupid dog."

But look at this face:

Back Outside



You can barely see him!

RoRo Vizzie

"OK, now let go of his neck, Rowan."

He likes to play with Buddy, but here's his favourite dog:

Back to Buddy:

Belly rubs!

Again with the tail:

I didn't get a good pic, but here's Ro & Bingo under the deck:

Whatchya lookin' at, Buddy?


Happy girl!

Love the tongue sticking out!

In the Office
So this happened:

Bingo on the Throw Up Rug:
A.k.a. "Regurgitation Rug" because it sounds more alliterative.
And of course this is an opportunity for belly rubs!

HAPPY Monday!  :-)