Monday, October 27, 2014

Doggie Monday

I was all dressed and ready to go out & it was time to feed the dogs: Reggie in his crate, Bingo with her green-knobby feeder and Buddy--wait, where's Buddy?  "Buddy!" No answer. I wasn't expecting, "Whaaaaat?" but he didn't come running as per usual. And when there's food to be had, he's a runner. I checked inside; not snuggled into my pillows. *sigh*  I changed into grungy search-thru-the-woods clothes & headed outside.  I walked the perimeter of the yard. I discovered that the door to the crawlspace was wide open. I don't know how long it's been like that. But I can only suspect that it's because of my missing pal Buddy. I continue scanning the perimeter and then I see this:
The point of exit.

He has finally discovered that if you use your digging skills near the fence, you can go under. So I was calling & whistling. Nothing. But I could hear his tags jingling on his collar in the back woods. No Roo-rooing from him like last time. Sneaky. Then I could see him! Still no acknowledgement! With the other 2 dogs inside, I went out the back gate and there he was. He was doing that sniff-sniff-sniff along a trail of untraceable scents that only a hound can smell. You know the kind; where he keeps his nose to the ground and his snout gets all wrinkly like an accordion as he traces along the ground.

He didn't run off this time. I put the leash on him and then instead of going back to the house, we went down to the lake. I haven't done that for a few weeks, so it's a nice walk. The leaves are turning, the lake is beautiful. But he is not leash trained. So after letting him meander around, I ended up carrying him back because he wouldn't come otherwise.

Now here's a new discovery: when I picked him up with the leash on, he started shaking. I've picked him up before without the leash, and he wriggles in protest and then nuzzles against my shoulder. His shaking was so sad to me. It's apparent that this happened in his past and he was poorly treated when he was picked up.

Back to the back yard, I secured the hole:
I shoved something in the hole & put the swimming pool in front.
 Buddy going along the fence:

The swimming pool didn't work, so I blocked the hole with a piece of wood & put a landscaping timber in front of the fence. Buddy did NOT like that!

He did his best to move it.
Then he went to the back gate to try to get out that way:
So far, his houndish plans are thwarted.
I'm going to have to secure the whole yard. But for now, he's not trying to escape. I'm sure he's just lulling me into a false sense of security. Beagles.

Autumn Daze
We've had some GORGEOUS days! Cool & sunny & breezy. 

A few shots of Bingo:

Bingo, finding the sliver of sunlight on the porch.

Reggie peeking up from under the leaves.
Bummed that this is out of focus! Look at him!  Weeeee!

He bounces like a bunny. So funny to watch.
Another out-of-focus shot. Ears flapping. :-)
Shade encroaching Buddy's sunny spot.

 Finding a sliver of sun:

Nestled in

So funny the way he tucks his paws in like a cat!

Of course, that cover isn't going to stay on the chair:
He needs a nest.

And then there's this:

Bat girl.
Buddy being NAUGHTY:

But then, here he is being so CUTE:

 Reggie & Buddy together:

 I feel guilty that Tabby is outside more since Buddy arrived. Here he is in the boudoir:

 RoRo Vizzie

Pic of Bingo amidst all the hoopla.

Buddy misses the sofa, but he's adapted:

Feeding Time
I took the idea of Bingo's feeder & am feeding Buddy on the
back of a muffin tin. Slows him down.
 Bingo loves her wobbler, so I switch up her feeding:

Reggie is also getting the muffin tin:

Reggie's one-year anniversary is coming up in a few days. He's made SO much progress! Special blog post coming next. Stay tuned . . . .