Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Great American Smokeout

 Loyal readers of this blog know John Morgan, author of Grasshopper Notes and my boss and friend since 2007. Since retiring, he's published Grasshopper Notes Journal, and has most recently started posting all his recordings for FREE on his new YouTube channel,  Inside Out.  These recordings were previously only available at our seminars or for purchase via the seminar website. 

This Thursday, November 19th, is “The Great American Smokeout." In honour of that, he's just posted his Stop Smoking Forever seminar.  Every year in cities all over the country, thousands of people flocked to attend John Morgan seminars. It's why he's known as "America's Best Known Hypnotist" as he criss-crossed the continent to help people stop smoking or lose weight.

The video is the length of a movie, except you close your eyes for part of it and at the end of it, you are on your way to being smoke free. When smokers couldn't get to Kansas City or Nashville or our other seminar cities, they could watch this hour and 45 minute video. They were astonished that a video of his seminar worked! 

2020, amiright?  It has been a year we’ll all remember. A lot of people are home anyway. If you're a smoker, give up the cute cat videos and bread-making tutorials, forget the pandemic and political noise for a bit, and pick a time to watch this video uninterrupted. Make 2020 memorable for yourself for a different reason: the year you decided to Stop Smoking Forever.  Not a smoker?  Check out his other videos. And if you're a regular on YouTube, you may want to subscribe to his channel for inspiration, relaxing meditations, and even a few laughs with his Grasshopper Notes Podcast.