Monday, November 24, 2014

Doggie Monday

Snuggle Buddy

In the Office
There is a truce between cat and dogs. I kinda don't trust Reggie & Buddy with Tabby. On the other hand, I don't trust Tabby, either! He gets all purry and starts licking and then goes in for the kill! So I have to watch these guys.

Buddy starts scratching the bed, trying to make it nestier:

I walked into the living room and the recliner was reclined. I put it back, thinking I hadn't secured it well enough. Later, there was the chair in full lean-back position. I was wondering how it was getting that way. Well, I think I figured it out. Bingo's new spot:

Caught her in mid-sneeze.

My sweet girl.
 Back in the office:

We've had some chilly weather and Buddy doesn't sport the fur that the other dogs do. He was actually shaking! So I brought his blankie in:

Can you see my mother rollng her eyes thru the internet?  "He's a dog!"

 Here's Bingo:

Despite all the photo taking, I do actually do some work in here!
Zzzzz . . . .
 Reggie pops in:

In the Boudoir
Sheepskin time! 

Since it's been colder, Tabby has been spending more time inside. 

You prolly can't tell, but Tabby is doing that cat-kneading thing that cats do.

Can I just say how much I love Mail Carrier Tessa?

Look what she left in the postbox! She had stopped by the day before & usually
has treats for the dogs but had run out. So she popped these in the next day. 
 Back in the office:

Looking out the LR window:

I was playing with different settings on my camera. This kinda turned out cool:

Outside Fun


Buddy with what's left of a toy squirrel:

He rips around the yard. He is FAST! He goes in circle eights & then he'll drop the squirrel and flip around and pounce on it. So FUNNY!


Those EARS!

And then he takes a break to eat some dirt:


Buddy, staring out the fence at freedom:

I still haven't finished the chicken wire. I take Buddy out on the leash but let him run around. I just can't open the door and let the dogs out in the backyard unattended. And by "dogs," I mean Buddy! But look at that face. So CUTE!