Thursday, May 25, 2017

The World of Junk Journals

It's such a cliche to apologize for a neglected blog; but apologies! I know that some of my MANY subscribers don't follow me on Twitter or YouTube.  And by "MANY"  I mean, essentially, Mari.  Hi Mari!  ;-)  So I thought I'd do a bit of an update-ish.

Originally for this blog post, I was going to slap up a video and call it a day. But it has gotten more and more involved as I started writing about my love of journals. For the past couple years, I've been into Travelers Notebooks and most recently, Junk Journals. I love the vintage vibe of old paper, photographs, letters, lace, doilies and other ephemera.  However, within the JJ community, there are different subcategories. Some journalers get very "cute" with their journals. They use scrapbook paper and stickers and bright colours.

There's also a segment of the population where it's called a "journal" with no space to actually journal; just lots of pictures and tuck spots and bobbles. And what's the deal with the obsession with Jane Austen?  I'm kidding, but it's a thing in the JJ world.

Rosemary Morris calls her journals, "Trashy Junk Journals."  She creates themes with different "trash,"  here's one she did with Tea. I've been saving all my dog-themed stuff (empty treat boxes, etc.).  Cheryl at DelyGirl1961  is another artist who creates beautiful journals. She also has some FABULOUS tutorials.

Digital downloads are a popular,  print-your-own JJ option. Here are a few:

Nik The Booksmith
Ephemera's Vintage Garden
Tsunami Rose.
Calico Cottage

So there are lots of different kinds of journals. You can do a search on YouTube for Junk Journals and fall down the rabbit hold with me. The ones I like have the vintagey look with tea (or coffee) stained pages, with room to write. The three artists I'm featuring here all have a few things in common; vintage vibe, often using real ephemera, a love of nature, sewing and collaging, and room for journaling. They are all very innovative in their creations and go beyond just making a journal.

First up, Nazy (short for Nazareth) at Amity Bloom.  She is one of the kindest, sweetest gals on YouTube. It has been such a JOY watching her work evolve. From her first try at sewing to seeing her BEAUTIFUL fabric collages, this is one gal to watch:

Nik The Booksmith  creates journals with themes. Go binge-watch her videos. She has a Carpetbagger series and all sorts of stories that go along with her journals. And she's hysterically funny!  Here's her latest:

My other favourite is Jibid in the U.K. This morning's video is what sparked this blog post. Her work is exquisite. That envelope collage and the poem and all the sewing and embroidery and the pressed flowers!  And-and-and!  All in one journal. 

Now, do you see why I haven't been blogging so much?  Too busy watching videos. Also, I am in the midst of  a HUGE re-organization. I've moved my art studio out of the kitchen and will spending the long weekend working on the new "Le Studio." Also, I'm excavating my sewing machine. And I've some new Magnolia May vids in the works. All fun stuff!  Til next time . . . .  :-)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ricky Gervais: Healing With Humour

I adore Ricky Gervais. He is smart and funny and an animal lover. He's also a comedian, so I suppose some people don't take him seriously--or worse, they take him seriously when he's joking. I recently watched an interview of him on a show with Pamela Anderson. The judgey part of me was annoyed with the host's lack of sensory acuity as well as:

Follow-up question?  What's that? 

I'm sure this comes from working for a former talk-show host--who when he reads this, will point out that this is a Squirrel Moment. But I digress . . .

I was struck by the genuine interaction between Ricky and Pamela. She reveals that she had a stalker and Ricky shows her the absurd humour in it. She's describing the event and he asks her questions (pattern interrupt) and then says something funny (re-frame) and she laughs (anchor), which changes her association to the event. I'm guessing that after that interaction with him, she couldn't think of it without thinking of his hilarious observations. He's a master NLPer/hypnotist without knowing it!

I think it's the best thing that could have happened to her. Healing doesn't have to be difficult, traumatic, or take a long time.  In this case, laughter was the best medicine.

You can jump to segment HERE or watch the whole interview here: