Thursday, January 31, 2013

Seinfeld Ketchup Episode

I was talking to one of my radio guys on his cell this a.m. & he couldn't put me on speaker because it had ketchup on it from when his wife put ketchup in the cup holder of his car. As he's walking into the GM's office, this was the exchange:

Radio Guy: Who the hell puts ketchup in a cup holder?
GM: Your wife. 

So I wrote this for him:

Seinfeld Ketchup Episode
Scene 1, in Jerry's apartment:

Jerry in apartment on cell phone with George: I'm waiting for Kramer to go pick up his car. Hang on George, let me put you on speaker. [looks at phone] What is THIS?
George: What?
Jerry: It looks like ketchup.
George: Is it ketchup or catsup? I never know the difference.
Jerry: How did I get ketchup on my phone? 
[Enter Kramer]  Hey. You ready?
Jerry: OK, George. Kramer's here. I'll talk to you later. 

Scene 2, in car:
Kramer: Can we go thru the drive thru again on our way?
Jerry: Can't I drop you off & then you go?
Kramer: But I've already got my ketchup in here.
Jerry: Well, take it with you.
Kramer: Well, I can't Jerry. It's already in the cup holder.
Jerry: In the cup holder? Who puts ketchup in the cup holder?!
Kramer: Well where else was I supposed to put it? Cup holders are for drinks and food, Jerry. Everyone knows that.
Jerry: Kramerrrrrr.  It's where I put my phone!  Ohhhh....That's why I have ketchup on my phone!
[End scene] 

Don't tell your wife I turned her into Kramer.  ;-)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow Bunny Bingo

It has been cold-cold-cold this week and we had snow twice!  Thursday morning, melted by afternoon & snow on Friday afternoon, almost all melted Saturday afternoon. So I got a few snowy pix.  Also, Bingo got a vizzie with her doggie friends Dana & Roy at Neighbor-friend Rita's.

Dana & Bingo at the door when I came to pick up Bingo.

Bye-bye, Dana!
 Snowy sunrise on Saturday morning:

Tabby Bobcat loathes the snow!
Dipping his toes into the snow. 

One of my tulip poplar trees.

Tabby walking on the porch . . . 

. . . to the end of the sidewalk.

Side yard.

Tabby Bobcat making his way up the drive way.

Snowy paw lift.

Back down the drive way.

Down to the lake:

The lake is frozen over.

Bingo loves digging thru the snow. And then comes the sound of a loud meowing, that sounds like MOW (rhymes with COW):
MOW . . . MOW . . . MOW

Snowy nose.  :-)

Tabby comes toward me. 

Digging in the snow.

Bingo hears dogs barking.

Tabby leaving back toward the house.


Saturday afternoon walk:

Snow is gone in most places.

The lake is melting.

Snowy Bingo paw print.

Digging into the snowy leaves.


More digging.

Burying her face in the leaves.

On a warming up Saturday afternoon.  :-)

Monday, January 21, 2013

* Snow *

 This was quite the snow! It started on Thursday night, was done by morning and was wet-wet-wet which made it very heavy. Also, there was thunder and lightening! I awoke at 5:20a to no power. So I turned on my battery-operated lantern &  fired up the wood stove (which I've been pretty lazy lax about because it's not been v. cold). And it's easier to twiddle a dial than it is to make fire. Heated my water for tea. Warmed up some yummy, left over sweet potatoes for breakfast.  And waited for the sun to rise:

A bit later:
My back porch.

I thought I heard some noise outside my window Thursday night: 
Bingo surveys the yard.

Tabby Bobcat surveys the snow from the porch. He is NOT a snow bunny!
I was so excited for our first snow together:

Up the driveway.

Under the juniper tree. Or cedar? I love this tree. I should find out what it really is.


Bingo's paw prints in the snow.  :-)

Back down the driveway.

Everything is new with snow!
And down to the lake:


It's hard to see the lake. 

Hugging trees.

Love the light reflected in the trees.

Hard to tell, but Bingo is shaking the snow off!

The trees were DROOPING from the weight of the snow. And what you can imagine now is how crunchy it sounded walking thru it!

Into the yard.

A-Frame House Neighbors. You only see the house in winter.
Bingo frolicking!

Tabby ready to go in!

Poor, confused daffodils. Everything's been budding with the warm weather.
Friday afternoon walk:

I did finally move that branch . . . into the yard.

Paw lift!

I never get tired of it. She's so cute with that paw lift!
Saturday morning:

Bingo's looking at the dog in a back yard across the lake.  

Trotting down the path. 
I don't know what she sees, but look at her head:
All crinkled with alertness. 
I think it may have been the herd of deer that are back there. In any case, she started barking and I'm sure that's not what the neighbors want to hear at 8:30 on a Saturday morning!

Into the back yard. Still alert.

Looking stealthy.

Really, it must be deer!
Aaaaand here's Tabby waiting for us at the door:
Not a fan of snow!