Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Pix & T-Bob

I had so many photos of T-Bob, that I wanted to give him his own post, but as I was creating a bonus& irregular T-Bob Tuesday, I wanted to include other pix as well. So:
On The Back Porch
You may recall this from yesterday's post; THE CATNIP BANANA. Rowan picked it out for him when we went to the pet food store to get food. And apparently this toy.  :-)  Which Bob LOVES. He sleeps with it.

 This is what he does whenever I wear sleeves:
Face into my sleeve. Adorable. :-)

Finding a patch of sun.
 And then moving:

Love that paw curled under.


Zzzzz . . . 
 Back Yard 

 Walking the Labyrinth
Reggie barking. Bingo saunters over.

T-Bob, very Sphinx-like.
On the move.
 Trees are in bloom:

Blue skies. :-)
 Violets in the Labyrinth

 It's a BEAUTIFUL day!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Doggie Monday

Spring continues to spring. And we have enjoyed a few lovely-sunny-breezy  days.
Bingo on the lower deck; her spot.
Reggie comes to say hullo. See that blue ball on the ground to the left? Uh huh. Just wait.
 As Rowan used to say in his younger years, "Uh-oh. THIS."
This is my ball I do brain exercises from my chiro-neurologist. I let Ro take it outside to play with and Reggie got to it a bit later. Will have to get another one & NOT leave it outside!

Bingo has no interest in a deflated ball, as Ro offers it to her. 

Bingo-for-president pose. 
 Tabby has joined us:
Disatisfied president look.

 Down to the Lake
Bingo & Ro ready to go!

Bingo sits, figuring it will take me a while to get there. Ro says, "I'll go get her, Bingo!"

"Yay!  Walkies!"
 Down the pier:

Tabby comes to join us, of course.


Jumping over the logs.

Rowan takes the stick down to end of the pier and says, "I'm pretend fishing!" And then says two seconds later, "Hey! I caught a pretend fish!"

What an awesome shot of Tabby this would be if he weren't a blurry blob!

Just an easy-breezy day, hanging out.

Tabby gnawing on a piece of wood.

Hullo . . . 


Every once in a while, Tabby goes after the leash.

Yeah. Sitting on it; that will work.

Bingo, ever patient with cats and little boys. :-)

Kneading into the moss. Can you hear him purring?

I put a bandanna on Bingo so Rowan can tell it's her & not Reggie. He's scared of Reggie because he barks. Except he didn't bark all that much this last time. He's getting used to Rowan.  :-)
And back up the trail:

Tabby follows.

To the hugging trees.

Hugging trees with new leaves.

Rowan takes off the leash.
Bingo back in her spot: 

"Oh, look. A bird!"
And then back to this:
If it were a squirrel she would've jumped up.

This is a bandanna that Ro picked out for Bingo.

Tabby sunning himself.

This is How Bingo Rolls
I don't like all the dirt, but she makes such a cute groany-moany sound of happiness.

Getting all slitty-eyed.
Zzzzz . . . .
Nap Time for Rowan

Rowan pretending to sleep.

Reggie comes in to say hullo. See? Getting better.

LOVE this sweet girl of mine. :-) I even have dreams about her.
And because he hasn't been featured too prominently in today's post, here's Reggie:

Filling out and getting more presidential everyday. Such a sweet boy.  :-)