Thursday, April 13, 2023


Recycling day.  *Le SIGH*

Skin and bones and big eyes, Yoda-Kitty came with my new house. She was a tiny little tabby cat with a HUGE personality!  I was calling her Sweetie the first few weeks. My sister objected to that name as I use that generically for PEOPLE. She was visiting one day when I had the misfortune of referring to them both as Sweetie in the same sentence. "See?!  We can't BOTH be Sweetie!"   

So I dubbed her Yoda-Kitty, because she flattens her ears out whenever I pet her: 

Her full name is now Yoda-Kitty Princess Swishy Tail Adorable Sassy Sweetie-Pie. I could add in "Box-Chewer" and "Beagle Ambusher" but that doesn't sound as melodious. She likes to hide in boxes or around corners and leap out at beagle-girl Lady and Tabby Bobcat--who are NOT amused, but there is an uneasy truce between them. 

Yoda-Kitty chirps and meows and does the most gentle little biscuit-making moves while she purrs. When I installed my hutch onto the half-wall in my entry, she immediately usurped it as her lair. I put her bed and blanket up there, but she pulled her blanket out and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out along the whole shelf. Any plans I had to use any part of the shelf for real books were quickly abandoned!  She sits up there and looks over her domain and retires there for all her cat naps. 


Speaking of Lady and Tabby, they sleep down below:

Even tho Lady has 2 beds, when she came to stay with me, she usurped Tabby's bed, and it is a constant contest between the two of them! Here's Lady wedged in:

Silly girl!

Sunday, April 2, 2023

This Week in Photos

This was such a sweet surprise!  For the first time in 5 years, my Kafir Lilly bloomed:

This week I was chicken-sitting for some friends. They have some BEAUTIFUL redbud trees:

A coupla pix of Egg, one of the roosters:
On top of the hen coop.

At the end of the day when it's time to go in the coop for the night, I maneuver him on my arm and he "rides the elevator" to the coop.  

'member the Tree Shrugger post?  Here's the view of last night's sunset:

This handsome boy is Kingston, neighbor-friend-landlady Teresa's King Charles Cavelier:

A few pix of cats and dog, living together:

I have 3 beds in the parlour, and THIS is the bed both Lady & Tabby want:

Here's Lady spilling out:

All those beds, and she's on the recliner (Lean-back Chair!)

Meanwhile, here's Yoda-Kitty:

Happy cat, on my lap:
Purrrrrr . . . .