Monday, March 30, 2015

Doggie Monday

Buddy is on to me!  He knows when I put on my dress Uggs that I'm leaving the house . . .

It takes a tremendous amount of coaxing and making treat-bag noises for him to come in!

Lazy-dazy Days
It's cold . . . it's warm . . . here's Bingo in one of her spots:



Zzzzz . . . .

Zzzzz . . . .
 Such a sweet boy, Reggie:



Bat girl.
 Buddy is such a funny little guy:

More hip flexor stretching:

RoRo Vizzie
Rowan's been over a coupla times, but it's been too muddy to do any proper playing!

With Bingo:

Not really a toy kinda gal.

More Porch Pix?


 Anything besides porch pix? 
Yes. A few in the office on a cold day:
I knew if I got up to get my camera, I'd miss the shot & I did. 
Buddy & Tabby were SPOONING!  SO CUTE.

Buddy is a snuggler:

Sunday Afternoon

Aaaaand more on the porch! Bookends:
Reggie & Bingo. 'member M&M doing this?
Millie & Maggie in my River House office.  :-) 
Here's Buddy:
So funny when he stretches out his hip flexors.

Can you hear Mum thru the internet? "Look at that mess on the porch! You need to rake! And what's that muffin tin doing there?"  Hahahaha

Switching places . . .

Reggie is reminding me more & more of Millie.  :-)
View out the back door:

One more, because:
Oooh . . . REMBRANDT lighting!  ;-)
HAPPY Monday!  :-)