Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Amazon Smile Program

I went to Amazon & a screen popped up to add a charity to benefit from my purchases. It's called the Amazon Smile Program. If you do a lot Amazon shopping--and as a prime member, I do!--then all those purchases can add up. Here's my charity, AARF:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Doggie Monday: 2 Lab-Mixes And A Beagle

Well, it's been QUITE the week with the beagle boy! Reggie is happy to have a new play mate who will play with him. Bingo is relieved that she can go out in the yard and Reggie runs circles around Beagle Buddy and not her. The only one not thrilled to have a new addition to the dog population is Tabby Bobcat.
Whatchya lookin' at Buddy?
One of his spots in my office.

See the thought bubble over Tabby's head? "Hehhhhh...." [heavy sigh]
 There was cuteness going on in the office but I didn't have my camera. Then I remembered that I can take pix with my iPad. Bonus: Reggie doesn't immediately leave!

Reggie HEARS the sound of a camera coming from the iPad, but he doesn't see a camera.

And again, what's that sound?
Zzzzzz . . . .

Zzzzzzz . . . . 

I love how Reggie's paw is resting on Bingo's tail!

Zzzzz . . . 

Another day in the office:
Little dog gets the big dog bed.


And the tail goes swish-swish-swish.
In the living room:

Buddy getting sleeeeeeepy . . . . 

Dana & Roy Vizzie
Buddy says hi to Dana. Look at those ears!

I let Buddy off his leash & Rita & I played goalie at the gates.

Reggie saying hi to his other mommy.

Runnin' with the big dawgs.

Here's Roy. Or Roy-EEEE, as Rita says. 

Bingo watching the action from afar. This shot reminds me of M&M.  :-) 

Rita & Dana. :-)

Dana has a new boyfriend!

Look at this: paws on Rita's arm. 

Zzzzz . . . . 

Saying good-bye.

Buddy trots up the cat steps in my bedroom. But before he figured out how to get onto my bed, this was his spot in between my bed & the wall:
Zzzzzz . . . . 

Buddy with his Garfield. Reggie stole it, so Buddy sneaked into his crate & took it back.

With his collection.

See what happened there? No Garfield!

Bingo: Zzzzzzz . . . . Buddy with his other toy.
 Aaaaand look what he found:

Rowan came for a visit & I let him walk Bingo in the yard. No trip down to the lake this time.

Another day in the office:
Asleep on my computer bag; one of Tabby's spots.
 Buddy is not a fan of the crate. I have one for him, but the second time I tried to put him in it, he put his legs up on the sides & I couldn't maneuver him in. So I cleaned out the other big crate & put him in that. He didn't like that, either & when I got home, he had peed out the front. I cleaned it up & tried again the next night I left. Ugh. Not only did he pee in it, but did the full doggy business. AND he ninja-maneuvered his way out of the crate! I was greeted at the door with a very-smelly beagle. So he got a nice, midnight doggy bath. Like all the dogs I've had, he doesn't like the water. Quel suprise. Here he is after his bath:
I put a towel on the bed for him. I can tell you that Mum cannot roll her eyes far enough back in her head when it comes to what I do for my dogs! 
 Saturday, I borrowed Brother Atlasta's truck so that I could pick up the rest of my dogwire fence at Chiro-sister's & secure the backyard gates. I figured I'd leave Buddy out; better than having to clean out a crappy crate. Literally. And then I came home to this:
I told Atlasta about this & he said that the dogs were saying, "There was a spider, but we took care of it for you." 
 Buddy is a bit frantic when I leave. I went out to walk the labyrinth & he was barking in the house the whole time. Well, beagle-barking. You know the kind: ROO-ROO-ROO! Anyway, the blinds in the living room--quite impressive. I went to my bedroom to get the camera--because you know, at least it makes a good story for the blog. And I walk into the bedroom, and THIS:
Apparently another spider. Hehhhh . . . .
 Oh well. I'm not glued to the blinds. I let the dogs out, and for the first time since Rita's vizzie, I left Buddy off the leash:
They are not getting out!

Toy Thief
This time it was Buddy's turn to steal a toy. This toy has been in Reggie's crate for weeks. Buddy sneaked in and:

Reggie's response. Bingo: Zzzzzz . . . . 
 Then Buddy went outside with it:
Reggie says, "Hey!"

Buddy left, so:


Buddy goes back to play. 
And that's our week. Hopefully next week I'll have boring photos and uneventful stories of mundane, pedestrian goings-on!