Monday, September 30, 2013

Bingo, RoRo, T-Bob & a Beagle?

It's been quite a week in The House of Chambers. I got some ah-maaaazing photos of my nephew & Bingo this week. Unfortunately, the SD card was not in the camera. *le sigh* Isn't that always the way? We'll never know if I could've been contacted by National Geographic for my mad photog skillz. Heh. Anyway, here are the pix I did get:

RoRo Vizzie
Heading out the door.


Ro says, "Let's go to Haha Lake." Cuz you, know. That's my name: Auntie Haha. In fact, ALL lakes are called "Haha Lake." Do I have the cutest nephew or what?

Down to the lake. Yeah, I know; photo is washed out.

Across the Bridge of Moles.

Bingo is SO good with Ro.


Tabby coming to join us.

Watch your phylanges, RoRo!
 And then I took a zillion pix of Ro up on the tree:

In the meantime:

And then Ro was going to climb the tree again, and he pointed to this:
When he was really little, he would point & say, "Uh-oh. THIS." Point-point. Altho, that was usually when he had spilled something. 
 So he went to the other tree:

Aaaaand back to Bingo:

*sigh*  Don't you love trees?

Aaaaand Bingo waiting at the door.

A Coupla Days Later

So then this happened:
No collar or tags. But very sweet 'n' friendly little beagley-type girl. John Morgan has informed me she has a beagley face, but, she must be mixed with something else; shorter legs & longer body.

Who's that?



NOT amused.


"Those are not beagle-legs," says John.

See? Long body.

Doxie, perhaps?

Still a cutie-pie, tho.

I went in the house for a leash and some treats for her:

She was happy to take the treats. And she lay down for belly rubs. But I could not get that leash around her. She ran off and & I couldn't get her. There are several dogs that roam the neighborhood, more down on the other end of the street than up my way. But I think she was in heat and looking for a good time. If I had wire on those awesome fence posts in my back yard, I could've kept her in.
Saturday Morning:

This is our last walk of the weekend because by the time you are reading this, I had a fab time at the I Can Do It! conference in DC.
Tabby joining us.

So gorgeous.

See? "What am I looking at? It just looks like WEEDS." Yes. See the little orange thingies? Jewel weed. I need to get down there and get some for future encounters with poison ivy, bug bites, etc.
Back to Bingo:

See Tabby up on the tree? Prolly not because the piC is so washed out. BTW, Bingo says, "Weeeeee!"
 OK, here's Tabby:

Coming back.

Going to the other side.

And back up the trail we go.
 I took Bingo to Rita's when I went to get my hair done on Wednesday night. Bingo goes and inhales whatever food is in Dana & Roy's bowls. Usually I go & put their bowls up out of her reach until we go. I regret not doing that. 3 hours later when it was time to go, Bingo came waddling out like a bloated tick. She couldn't even jump up into the car; I had to lift her. And then the next day, she gassed me out of the office. I was talking on the phone and kept lighting matches. Haha

So that was our week. I know by the time this is posted, Bingo will have had a swell weekend with Dana & Roy, and Rita will have spoiled her with lots of cheese treats. Rita says, "Bingo has 2 mommies--of course, these days, that's not that unusual!" Yes, it's good to be Bingo; well-loved by her 2 mommies.  :-)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Walkies

The week whistled by and then Sunday afternoon, I realized that I'd not taken any pix of Bingo. So this won't be my usual 50+ photos.
I was trying to get a pic of her kicking her back legs. Oh well.

Down the trail.

Bingo looking intently at something.

Whatcha lookin' at, Bingo?

Well. A coupla things. 1.) some boaters on the lake, that you can't see. And B.) a squirrel building its nest. 

See the nest? Near the crook of that big branch on the right? It's not high up, which indicates that we're in for a harsh winter. 

Now Tabby is watching the squirrel.

Up the driveway. Love the afternoon light.
Bingo weaving the leash thru twiggy trees.


See? Weaving.
 Back down to the lake:

Dog wood leaves are turning.

 Later Sunday night:
Tabby all curled up on Bingo's bed.  :-)