Monday, March 26, 2012

Maggie on Monday

Love this sweet girl of mine.  :-)

I finally slept thru the night last night. She's been exceptionally barky the past week. As soon as my head hits the pillow she's barking. I make sure she has food and water, but she barks to let me know that she's going to get a drink. *sigh*  Or she barks to announce that the cat is entering the bedroom. It's funny when I'm not sleep deprived. She's just a barky girl, and that's how she communicates. Here are a few pix of our week:
Reminds me of a lion in the grass. 

Paws draped over.


First 4-leaf clover at MY house. Found one at chiro-sister's last week. "Really?" Brother Atlasta says, incredulously. "Yes," I say. "Look."  

Eye dots!  Hullo.
She looks so sweet in the morning light:

Hullo.  :-)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Maggie on Monday

I got a new lawn ornie for the porch:

Dobson Frog.  :-)

Maggie's introduction.  

Following directions.

Maggie in the midst of feet.

Elder LeSueur stopped by for a vizzie with Elders Newman & Marriott.

This is where Maggie goes when I sit at the kitchen table for any length of time. 
Spring is springing here, and I was outside in the front yard with Maggie. I look over and where is she? Mag?

In the back of the house. For an old gal, she can still get around!

Settled in.

Looking over toward the neighbor's yard.

Eye dots!

She's so expressive.


And then she moved closer to the neighbor's yard. 

Walking about some more. 

You can't see it, but she's looking down at the lake.
And then she comes and sits by me:

And what is she looking at, now?

Tabby Bobcat playing with a branch.  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Snapshot Haikus

Someone cut this tree.
Where it stays, waiting to fall.
Across the driveway. 

Cleaning out gutters. 
Queen Anne displays proper form.
And her wardrobe rocks.

 Green four leaf clover
Harbinger of a spring day
Brings good luck to all.

 Brother riding carts
on a Sunday afternoon
for parking lot fun.

Tabby Bobcat sits
on a warm, sunny spring day
bored with us humans.

Vizzie with nephew  
Dragging thru the dirt and leaves
Rowan pulls vacuum.

In the Neighborhood


How did I get this picture? I was trying to capture the horse rolling around on her back, but she saw me and started to get up. I've tried other times, and she always gets up before I can get a pic of her. It reminds me of Millie and how she used to scratch her back.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Maggie on Monday

Maggie, dozing on the front porch:

This morning:

In the yard with Tabby Bobcat.




Settled in.


Heading back . . . .

up onto the side walk.
See the thought bubble over her head?

"Should I go over to that side of the yard?"



Heading back up the ramp.

Momentary distraction.  *sniff*
And that's been our week. Very ordinary. LOVEly!  :-)