Monday, February 23, 2015

Doggie Monday


If you saw yesterday's post, you saw some wintry, snowy pix of birds and landscapes, but I've saved the dog pix for today, of course.
First things first: 
Bingo eating snow. She LOVES the snow!
Here she is wading thru:

A few of Reggie:
At the door.
Snowy face.
Swishy-swish goes the tail.  :-)
 Buddy took a little coaxing to go outside. But he did make it out to play:

Barking at the neighbors:

I cleared off the back stoop and steps so that Buddy would go out to do his doggy-business because he stood at the door and then did a U-turn back inside. As you can see from the pix before, he did go out in the snow. Here's Bingo taking advantage of the cleared stoop:
She has the thick fur of a chow & likes to soak in the sun.
Before he started romping with Reggie in the snow, Buddy went to the edge of the path I'd cleared and did a leg-lift against the rest of the snow on the deck. I've spared you a photo. You're welcome.

 Reggie with a bit of snow on his nose:

Bingo with evidence of snow-eating:

Buddy investigating & pointing at something:

 On the back porch:

With Reggie:

Reggie also likes to eat snow:

Beagle Bunny Bounding
Buddy bounces around like a bunny, but he kind of has to since he's a bit closer to the ground than B&R. He's so fun and funny to watch. I took some video of Buddy tearing around. Here are some pix:

Snowy face.

 Bingo, Reggie, Buddy:

 Bingo with a paw-lift, and Buddy running:
What's that expression?  Right; ass over tea kettle. AOTK

I think this is my favourite pic. Those EARS! 

OK, I lied. THIS is my favourite! Can you stand such cuteness?! 


Looking over at the neighbors.
And here's a snowy-faced Reggie:

On The Back Porch
Reggie & Buddy:

 Digging in the snow:

Leaving with a chunk of snow:

Not sure if this is the same chunk, but this:

Digging again:

Another chunk to run with:


Somebody managed to dig up a toy out of the snow:
My bet's on the beagle, but it could've been Reggie.

Cozy Inside
What would Doggie Monday be without some boudoir shots:

Another day:

In The Living Room
On top of the lean-back chair;

 Tabby & Buddy:
Tabby is a beagle-tolerator.
 "OK, that's enough."

 Making his escape:

Buddy watching Tabby on the bookcase:

Reggie watching Buddy:


While it's warm 'n' toasty inside . . . 

It's not always necessarily quiet:
 He's looking over at the neighbors:

 Here's a shot of Bingo during the Roo Fest:

And more roo-ing:
Singing the song of his ancestors.

Pause 'n' look:

And then more:

You can tell he means business; he's up on the window sill.

And here go the ears:

And then it's quiet. And here's Tabby at the window:

 And here's Reggie in his crate:
Whatchya doin' Reggie? Just hangin' out.
You know. Literally. :-)
 Here's Buddy in the lean-back chair:

There's no point in trying to keep the chair covered. He hops up and gets all nesty with the blanket.

All is well. HAPPY Monday!  :-)