Monday, September 24, 2012

Bingo's Week

The days are getting shorter now. Here's a view of an early evening walk:

Looking across the lake.
This is so cute; Bingo likes to trot along this concrete part along this fence:

It stops at a driveway and then picks up again on the other side & she goes back:

Continuing on our walk:
See that lump up ahead? I'm thinking, Please just be a lump of grass. Please just be a lump of grass and not road kill. Luckily it was a lump of leaves.
New moon:

I've stayed on top of the whole flea situation. Lots of vacuuming, laundry & I gave Bingo another bath. This was the third bath I've ever given her, but she has figured it out!  She heard the bath water going and she knows it's for her! I called her and she would come. So this is what I see:

I finally plied her off the bed with treats; luring her into the bathroom. And then I feed her throughout the bath. Poor thing--she's not a fan, but she's v. obedient and lets me wash her down. And she's all fluffy and clean. So then we went over to Brother Atlasta's:

Nephew Hugh takes Bingo for a walk in the yard. 
Back in the kitchen:
Mmmmm . . . peanut butter!


Marlene LOVES Bingo!

I'm sure Bingo doesn't really like the pretzel hug, but she's really sweet with M. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Joe Dispenza

 Ruth was thrilled to see fellow chiro-guy Dr. Joe Dispenza:

Joe says, "Nerve cells that fire together, wire together." He showed some AWESOME video of actual nerve cells doing just that. It was fascinating!  So I googled & sure enough!  I found a video where you can see it, too. This TED talk is a great summary of the lecture we attended:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Can Do It! Conference

Recently Chiro-sis & I loaded up the car & headed to an extended weekend of learning, inspiration, & FUN! CelebratedING cell biologist Bruce Lipton was our prompting to go, but there were a lot of wonderful speakers. I'm going to break this up into a few different blog posts because there was SO MUCH that we did. So here's the beginning:

We spent the day with Bruce & Gregg. I'd not heard Gregg speak before & I'd not read any of his books, so he was an all-new experience. Fascinating stuff! 

I've been all Blah-blah-blah Bruce Lipton since we met in Sedona years ago with his Biology of Belief. He opened my eyes to the power of environment and how we can be in a state of growth, expansion & joy or we can be in a state of protection, constriction & fear. The thing he said that really shifted my thinking was,

I woke up one morning and decided to live my life in nothing less than joy.

And I thought, "That's a belief I want to adopt!"  And so here we are almost 10 years later, and I have way more joy in my life than I could have thought possible.  :-)

What Bruce & Gregg have in common is that they are both scientists who go against the mainstream dogma of what is still taught in school. Gregg showed some amazing photos of some archaeological sites of some ancient civilizations. What was fascinating is that they all had in common that there was no evidence of warfare;  they were all peaceful civilizations:
Gregg also showed a photo of a "secret library" in a Tibetan monastery. Isn't that a great question to ask when you visit? Do you have a secret library? It was a 3-story area of 1500 year old manuscripts stacked on top of each other. AND prior to that, things were written on stone tablets (also shown). Gregg asked the monk to summarize the message in the manuscripts:

All are one.


There's a lot of hoopla about the Mayan calendar & the end-of-the-world. Gregg pointed out that indigenous tribes around the world say that civilizations have 5000-year cycles and that this is just the end of a cycle. Bruce says it's our opportunity to evolve together as humanity and recognize that just as our bodies are made up of a community of 50 trillion cells all working together, that's what we need to do in our world. We need to recognize that we are not separate and that we need to work together as a global community. As part of his keynote address, or as I like to call it, The State of the Planet address, he said we are in the middle of a 6th global mass extinction. The good news/bad news scenario is that unlike previous mass extinctions due to climate change, asteroids, etc. this one is man-made. We're doing it to ourselves--AND we have the power to turn things around. We just need to take a cue from our cells and work together as a community.  :-)  A coupla more pix:

Ruth with Gregg's book, Deep TRuth.  :-)
Front row with Bruce, waiting for Gregg's keynote. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Walkies with Bingo

Look how alert she is:

She sees SOMEthing!
Last week, my dear friend Elaine came for a quick vizzie & we went for a walk:

We walked the street that goes along the lake. There has been building across the lake from my house all summer. It turns out it's a Habitat for Humanity house! So we took a quick looksie:

Elaine & Bingo checking out the back porch.

View across the lake to my house (which you can't see).

In other news, Bingo has mastered the Kong Wobbler:

This week we also had a vizzie with Neighbor Rita. I ran some errands for a few hours, so I took Bingo  over:
Hanging in the garage.

I was trying to get a photo with her & Dana, but Bingo got up too fast.

Sweet pic of Rita & Dana.
Rita is a hair stylist & has a mobile hair care business. She comes to you. We did a blog for her this weekend: Wilton Mobile Hair Care. Go see!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bingo's Vizzie with Doggie Friends

This week I was cleaning and before I could put Bingo's beds back . . . 

Zzzzzz . . . .
We've been v. vigilant in our Flea Abolishment Program; which means that I spritz Bingo with cedar oil spray (or some combination of lemon, peppermint, etc.) She is not a fan, tho. And as soon as she saw me reaching for the bottle, she squeezed behind the table & under a chair:

This is going to sound silly--but doesn't she look like Jerry Seinfeld here? Or is it just me?  OK, then. Moving on.
She's getting used to the camera. She's rockin' that empty-celebrity-glazed-stare look.
This past weekend I went to the I Can Do It! conference in D.C. (That will be another blog post). So while I was away NeighborFriend Rita took care of Bingo.

One of Rita's lawn ornies. So cute!
Is there any doubt that she loves dogs?
Bingo hanging out in the back yard.
Dana in front, Roy--Usurper of Bingo's dog bed, in back.
 Then we get back home:

Zzzzz . . . . 

I woke her with the camera--sort of.
 Speaking of sleep, here's Bingo woofing it up this afternoon in the office:

 See her eyes moving? That's Rapid Eye Movement and she's dreaming. She's twitching her feet. Catch the squirrel, Bingo! Catch the squirrel!  SO CUTE!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bingo Is Sneaky-Smart

Usually when I get up in the morning, as soon as I open my bedroom door, Bingo comes trotting down the hall, tail wagging.  A few mornings ago, I open the door and head down the hall. Bingo is lying on the floor looking a bit lethargic. She glanced up at me and thumped her tail on the floor a couple times, but didn't get up. Hmmm . . . I went into the kitchen and discovered the reason she was a bit of a slug:
Bingo had figured out how to open the food container!  And had stuffed herself.
I looked back at her lying in the hallway like a giant bloated tick.  *sigh*  So we started up the driveway for our morning walk and she trotted into the woods. Suffice it to say, she had eaten A LOT. After she came back, we continued up the driveway when she detoured back into the woods again. She had eaten A LOT. She came back out and I started to head up the driveway when she did a U-turn and waddled back to the house.  She was pretty much in a food coma the rest of the day--no long walks to the lake that day! 

Another day, another thing to eat:

YUM--a rib! 

Remember this?
The food wobbler.
Bingo chases it under the stool:

 This weekend, we popped up the street for a vizzie with my friend Rita. She has 2 dogs, & will be my dogsitter when I go away. Here's Bingo with Roy:
Hullo.  So sweet. 

Here comes Dana. 

Bingo was vying to come inside. 

Hullo, Dana.
 This next picture cracks me up:
Dana & Roy doing a proper doggie greeting. 
And finally this weekend, I did an uber-clean of all bedding & vacuumed. I had stacked Bingo's 2 beds in the living room, and she cozied up before I unstacked them:

Tabby on the coffee table.

Tabby: Zzzz . . . .  Bingo: Hullo.

Zzzzz . . . . 
And that was our week.  :-)