Monday, March 31, 2014

Doggie Monday

I was out of town, so Bingo & Reggie went to my friend Rita's. Not sure if this is Bingo or Reggie jumping up:
All excited!

Bingo, Dana, Roy 
 And here's Reggie on the right, wagging his tail:

I went inside for a vizzie with Rita & Lee. 

Let us in.

 Reggie tiptoed in after the others and went to the bedroom:
He has a thing for standing at thresholds.
 And then!
Rita said this was progress; Reggie on the bed. 
 OK, guys. Time to go:

So I back the car up to the gate and Bingo & Reggie jump into the car. Then I secure the gate and we head home. Usually. Except. Dana-the-Ninja-Houdini slinked out before I could get the gate closed. She took off into the front yard and I went after her. Unfortunately, I had not closed the door on the car so Reggie jumped out and took off after Dana.

They ran across the road. A car came and I stopped it, trying to corral the dogs back across the street to Rita's.This was made all the more difficult because Dana doesn't have a collar on. I was screaming after them & Rita looked out the front door. I yelled, "Get a leash!" as I'm trying to wrangle Dana back across the road. She goes back inside.

Have I mentioned that Reggie is FAST? And Dana slithered out of my hands and then went galloping a few more houses down. I got in the car and followed them to a neighbor's, got out, introduced myself to the neighbor on her porch as I went running after Dana into her back yard. Just then Rita pulls up & I think, "Good! A leash!"

No. She carries with her a plate of treats. Which if you know Rita, you just have to laugh because what else would she do?! Long story short--too late--after a harrowing 15 minutes which required me to EXERCISE, we got our respective dogs into our cars.

Here's Reggie in the front seat with me on the way home:

And just when I thought we were done with snow . . . 

It Snowed

Bingo plopped down.
Just a dusting.
Of course, you can't have snow without eating it.

Hullo (from Reggie)

Reggie trying to play with Bingo.
Waggy tails.

"Let's play!"
"You're right, Bingo. Let's eat snow!"


 And this is typical:
Reggie waiting for an invitation to come in.

Come in, already.
 Aaaand back down:

Looking very regal. If he were a beagle, that would rhyme. haha

Reggie licking the snow.


Reggie chewing on his antler.

Bingo eating dirt.

This is new:
Reggie digging!

Dirt nose.

And that's pretty much our week. After Reggie's getaway at Rita's, I realized I really need to start doing some training with him. I have a bit of time off to be able to do it, so that's on the To Do List.

We've had a lot of rain the last coupla days--so instead of snow pix, we'll have rainy pix next week!