Monday, May 27, 2013

Bingo on Monday

I'm writing this on Thursday morning before I head out of town for the weekend. I'm doing a lymphatic drainage (massage therapy) training. Woo-hoo!  So I'm pre-posting this & combining B-Dog & T-Bob posts.  These are our morning walkies pix:
OK, Bingo. No peeing in the labyrinth!

Hullo.  Fuzzy non-star sun up above.

Love my trail down here.

Across the bridge.
 OK. Watch THIS!
Circus dog!  She jumps from one fallen tree to the other!

This is the best pic I could get so far. 

View of the lake.

Jumping on another fallen tree.

Tabby joining us.

Woosh!  This would be more impressive in focus. 

Leaves of three, stay away from me: poison ivy.

Boggy area that feeds into the lake.

On the lookout for deer.

Was trying to get another pic of her on the logs.

Aaaaand it would be more impressive if we could see her feet!

Back up the trail.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

T-Bob Tuesday on the Front Porch

I moved the plants outside. Shortly after I moved one of my larger potted plants (can't remember what it is) I looked out to see this:
View out front door: Tabby curled up under the plant.
 As soon as I came out, he got up, of course:

But then he settled back in:

SUCH a cat look!
 As soon as he saw I was going to be sitting down . . .
"MOW." (The E is silent in his Meow).
 And up he hops:

And settles in:

Ouch--and starts kneading.

"I demand affection."

He walked down my leg but I'm not showing the pic because all you'd see is a shot of his nether regions.  Anyway, then sniffed my toes. This is the precursor to taking a test bite.
So I quickly removed my feet. Purr-haps this was his plan.


Zzzzzzz . . . . 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Down to the Lake with Bingo

I often write in my blog posts that Bingo & I head "down to the lake" on our walks. But we don't really go all the way down to the lake. We go about half-way. The path got overgrown, and . . . MEH, it wasn't really a priority. But Lawnmower Ben & his sidekick cleared a trail for me.

Me: Knock-knock.
You: Who's there?
Me: Woo
You: Woo-who?
Me: Exactly!

Now I was going to put it off. The one & only time I ventured down there was the first summer I was here. I got surrounded by grass spiders and then had hundreds of seed ticks crawling up my jeans. But luckily for Bingo--and me, my friend Joy was here for a vizzie. She walked down with me & L-Ben and gave me an enthusiastic nudge. So that clinched it!

I have scads of pix in this post because I couldn't choose which I liked best. I'm sure "less is more," but in this case, more is more. Ready?

Our first walk down to the lake:

My little pier.

Looking across the lake.

Back across the little bridge.

Tabby a bit slow in joining us.


This part of our winter path is quickly getting overgrown.

In the meantime:
T-Bob nestled in the dirt.

Love this pic:
So happy!
 Another trip down to the lake:

View across.
 Tabby climbing DOWN a tree:

Back inside:
One of Bingo's spots in the kitchen. 
 We had quite a bit of rain in the past few days with a bit of thunder, so Bingo is sporting her Thundershirt:
I gave her the lid off the almond butter jar. Boy, does she need a pedicure!
 Aaaaaand back down to the lake:

When we head down the trail, you hear plop! plop! plop! as the turtles all dunk themselves back into the water. You also hear bull frogs. And the symphony of frogs and other creatures at night is spectacular!

The pier is getting repaired, bit by bit.


Whatchya lookin' at, Bingo?

On to something new.

"You comin', T-Bob?"  

View across the lake.

Back up the trail.

T-Bob joins us.
 Sunday Morning
Walking out together.

Bingo looks over toward the neighbor's. T-Bob goes to scritchy-scratch on the wooden beam.
 And down to the lake:

You can't see it, but there's a turtle on a log in the lake. I'll take the zoom lens down when I'm not walking Bingo so that I can take some pics of flowers, birds, turtles and if I'm lucky, frogs!

This tree went down during Hurricane Irene, the first month I was here. I counted the rings: 100!

T-Bob startled up a tree. Bingo, oblivious.
 Aaaaand Tabby, back down on a horizontal surface.

Bingo exploring.
 And T-Bob sits:

Ever watchful.

 When you think of a snooty cat expression, doesn't this capture it: