Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Few Springish Pix

But first . . . 

I know, I know. I need something called "white balance" in my photos so the snow looks more whiter and less bluer.

This is from a coupla weeks ago; Friday, March 4th to be exact. I woke up to snow and then it melted by the afternoon. So pretty, tho.

And now into Spring . . . 

 Turtles down at what's left of the lake:

There were a whole bunch, but when they saw me, they hit the water:

Looking kinda like the Loch Ness sea-monster. Only turtles.

Here's a long shot of the lake:

Sunken boat:

So sad . . . now on to happier, Springy things:

I took these at Ruth's:

I'm posting all of these so that John Morgan, (no link) can tell me which ones are the best.

Here's Ro, playing peek-a-boo: