Monday, January 26, 2015

Doggie Monday

In the Back Yard
We've had some warmish days, which the dogs take full advantage of:
The shadow encroaches. Buddy will up & leave to a sunnier spot.
He likes to nestle up against the fence:

Shot of the lake:
Sort of.
Zzzzz . . . .

He really doesn't like the camera:

 Looks a bit worried.

Another day:

Away from the shadow:

Here's Bingo:
Looking rather Sphinx-ish.

Sunning herself.
 And Buddy moved down the fence:

Zzzzz . . . .

More of Bingo:

 Her eyebrows are getting a bit grey:

 In the Office
Here's Tabby Bobcat:
He's so CUTE when he covers his face.
With his flesh-slicing paw.
Notice anything in the foreground?

Awwww . . . beagle and cat together on the dog bed.
Zzzzz . . . .
View Out the Window
On one of the sunnier days:

Buddy & Reggie.
 Of course, if I come to take a photo from the front, here's Reggie, ever vigilant:
Some people might even say, "DIGILANT."
 Lowered posture, really doesn't like the camera--but his tail is wagging:
See? Swishy-swish.  :-)
 And here's Buddy:

Reggie walks around:

Bingo looking off into the woods:

Shade approaching.

Nestled up against the railing.

Zzzzz . . . .
More squinching from Bingo:

 After the Rain
Here's Reggie:


The rain makes for good eating mud. And beagle paw prints on my sheets. Sorry, no photo of that. Laundry day, you know.

Bingo & Reggie were on the deck barking at something & here's Buddy:
Look at his tail!  Pointing.
 And that's about all for this week. Notice there are no pictures of the boudoir?  Oh, wait. I spoke too soon. Here you go:
In The Boudoir
Buddy all nestled:
He makes the cutest snuggley noises.
 See who's behind?
Sheepskin sharers, sharing the sheepskin.
And then Buddy shifts position to get more comfy, closer to Tabby.
Another day . . .a rare shot of the cat on the CAT stairs:
Usually Buddy's the one to trot up them. Tabby does a jump
on the bed with a trilling announcement of his arrival.
Speaking of Buddy:

King of the sheepskin:

In the past, when it's raining, Buddy hasn't liked to go outside. Then he'd go out if I went out with him, along with the other dogs. He'd do that in the day time. I think it has something to do with how he was found: at night, in the rain. Poor little guy. Anyway, just this morning, he went out in the rain by himself. And then popped back in thru the cat/little dog door. Progress!