Sunday, September 28, 2014

Doggie Monday

Oh, what a week!

Escape Artist!

I was in the shower & I heard the dogs barking--not unusual. But it was a different kind of barking. You know the kind. Anyway, Reggie was at the front door & Bingo was barking and Buddy . . . wait, where's Buddy? I hear him barking . . . IN THE FRONT YARD!  So, with towel secured I went dashing out there. And there I see him sitting in front of Tabby Bobcat yapping away. Tabby is sitting frozen, looking up at him. "What are you doing?! You are so lucky you still have a face. Come here!" And then all the while looking at me, slinks over to the gravel driveway. "Really?!  You're making me come get you on the gravel in my bare feet?"  Gah!

Oh, Buddy. Our first fight.

Then I went to investigate how he got out of the yard. [I got dressed first. Did I need to add that little tidbit? I wasn't inspecting the fence in my towel, is what I'm saying.]

Chiro-sis was over for a cup of tea, so we secured the point of escape:

Beagle proofed: Fire wood, fence post & portable file box. There, that'll fix it.
Tuesday I got home from being out, and by "being out" I mean wearing nice clothes. I let the dogs out & again with the barking. I go out & Buddy has escaped again & is in front of the fence. I go after him, he wasn't that far from me after all. Boy he's fast!  So then I'm running after him thru the woods. All the houses on my street have woods behind them along the lake and no fences. So he's happily bounding away and all along, I could here him. So I got in my car and went down to where he was...and then I heard him heading back to my house.  Hehhhh . . . .

So I finally got him down by the lake. Fortunately I nabbed him before he headed into the marsh. I get him on the leash as I'm sucking wind. He's all excited and sniffing around on the trail of something. "Come on, bloodhound. Time to go back home." And then I look at where I'm standing in the middle of the woods and realize something: When I'm scared about my dog and running after him, I'm not thinking about snakes or spiders or poison ivy. But when I looked back from my starting point, all of a sudden I'm aware. Chasing after him I plowed thru several spiderwebs. Why do they build them at face level? Why?!  But we made it home.

I went to inspect the fence & found his exit point: he could flatten himself out like a badger and slide under the entire fence by the gate!  So I have more fence securing to do. But look:
I couldn't ever be mad at this little guy.
He's too CUTE!
Snoopy pose.
"What's that?"

Zzzzz . . . .
See the door mat to the left? Rita saw that & said, "Aww. Isn't that cute.
Buddy ate the door mat." Yes, yes he did.
I didn't really like that door mat all that much anyway.
Chiro-sis says that I'm like a first time mother with her first born. Because this:
Yogurt container time. 
And Buddy got yogurt on his nose & he couldn't lick it off:

"Look how CUTE he is with the yogurt on his nose!" I said.
Ruth, with slight Mum-ish eye roll: "It's just yogurt on his nose. Sheesh."
And then she made the first-time mother comment.

Lest you think the blog has gone to Buddy, here's Bingo under the table with hers:

And Reggie:

Post yogurt containers:

Chiro-sis in massage room with Bingo. Belly rubs!
Me & Buddy. 
Ever the cuddler.
My sweet Bingo, non-destroyer of the sofa:

In the office:
Curled up on my computer bag.
He likes to jump up on my chair & wedge himself between my back & the chair. The he bends himself around my side & starts desk surfing. No paper or pen or anything is safe from his wandering lips but especially my tea cup. He is partial to PG Tips, of course!

In the living room:
I'm trying not to neglect Tabby, so we were having some bonding time.
Buddy, ever fascinated by Bob. *sigh* As much as Tabby doesn't like Reggie....
"Again with the shoes?" you may be thinking. "Haven't you learned your lesson?" Yes. But these were hidden under the side table by the door, so Buddy couldn't get to them. Except that I moved the sofa away from the window after I cleaned off all the doggie nose prints, courtesy of Buddy & Reggie. And so he went behind the sofa & got them from the other end. I didn't realize until:
The other one was still on the shelf. But I went outside to check for others. And of course:

While we're out in the back, check out the holes:
Courtesy of Buddy. What a digger!
This will give you an idea of how deep:
These are all 6-8 inches at least.
Here he is during my inspection:
"Oh, Buddy. What impressive craters you have dug in the back yard!"
But then this:
My little snuggle bunny beagle.

In The Back Yard

View out the kitchen window:
Reggie & Bingo.

Bingo makes that "Arr-arr" sound when she's all scritchy-scratchy on her back.

Reggie: Hullo.    
Bingo: Zzzzz . . . .

My sweet Reggie. We're coming up on our one-year anniversary. :-)

Bingo rolling some more. Life is good!
And Buddy:
View out kitchen window.

Laundry Day
I did all the dog bed covers. I put them on the chair & I was putting one on and Buddy jumped up:

Snuggling into fresh laundry.
Perhaps Chiro-sis is right.
She would say, "It's just LAUNDRY."
Bingo on her bed. Buddy on this one:

I tried to get a shot of Reggie but he slinked off:

Sunday Morning

Such a distinguished profile.

And that's our week. All is well in the House of Chambers. :-) HAPPY Monday!