Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ophelia's Birthday Journal

I made this journal for my dear friend Ophelia for her 50th birthday:

The band-aid on my finger is covering a blister from all the painting I did at my brother's house. Also, another title for this video could be: Here's Another Picture You Can't See.  ;-)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mother Mary TN

I got a really sweet, 5-year journal that had awful paper; I even left a review.  No "Before" pictures, (I know!  Bad blogger!) so click on the link to see what it looked like before I gutted it. And here's the "After" :

I googled different photos & chose this for the cover.

This is for my friend Christen.

The book was that pretty teal blue, but I used a metallic gold around the edges. Kinda went a little crazy with it, here's the back of book:

Spine with a little heart charm:

Pocket on inside cover of Mother Mary, laminated. I did 5 inserts; the first with another Mother Mary image:

And then the next 4 inserts were each of the archangels:

Back of AA Michael & front of AA Raphael:

Back pocket is AA Raphael with some extra pictures:

These were extras that I had laminated. It was hard choosing which pictures to use for this project. There is so much beautiful art work through the centuries!

I didn't want to post this until after I'd given it to Christen, and then I forgot until I remembered. 
You can turn any book into a travelers notebook. So if you like a cover, but not the contents, give it a go!