Monday, August 30, 2010

M&M Monday

The girls have had an exciting week. They got a mid-week vizzie with Mum & Pioneer Sister's kiddliewinks. Here they are chillaxin' with Mum.

"All these beds & she still sits on the rug and gets it all hairy."

I took the kids for a walk to the postbox . . .

Maggie in pursuit

Millie follows

"Maybe we'll just wait here."

Come on, girls! Back up the hill.

I was on the back porch doing an art project with the kids, and the girls went down into the yard. They have their favourite spots to hang out. But this time they went around to the labyrinth.

Maggie & Millie by the labyrinth.

Millie overlooking her domain.

See the bear? Kidding. It's only Millie. Looking v. bearish!

Friday, August 27, 2010

OMG Friday

A coupla days ago, I looked out my window & there was a bear in the backyard. That same day, as I was driving back to the house, there he was again in my driveway! But he darts off into the woods before I can get any good pictures. So then! Yesterday, I look out the LR window, & I think, "OMG, what are the dogs doing outside?!" And then I realize: It's a bear. Again. AND I was able to get a photo:

I called Neighbor Chuck on his cell phone & told him the bear was headed over to his house. Now Chuck had made the mistake of leaving food on his front porch last week, and had a big surprise when he saw the bear on his porch! Anyway, so I drove in the safety of the car to see if I could see the bear. And there he was:


PreTTy PreTTy PreTTy COOL!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Have you ever seen a hummingbird perch?  I've tried to capture one since I moved here to the wilderness. This morning, on an impromptu vizzie to Fisherman Willie's, I finally managed to get one!

And so did my nephew! Dimples. He's 9. So COOL!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quote of the Day

From the movie Love Actually:

We all need a soft place to fall. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

M&M Monday

The girls had a very active week. Unfortunately, I left my camera behind when we went to our vet appointment on Friday. Dr. Clark said, "They couldn't be any easier if they were stuffed animals." Haha  When I took them in for the first time last October, I didn't know if they would still be with me in the summer! But they've done so well. The only thing going on is Maggie has a bit of an eye infection. Other than that, both girls are doing great!

So here are a few pix from the week:

Hanging out in the driveway.

Millie in the background, Maggie in the forefront.

I took these from inside, looking out the LR window. Notice how they're looking at the camera? Cool, huh?

Near the back porch. Their fur looks so shiny, thanks to all that wild Alaskan salmon oil!

Maggie up the ramp.

Millie having breakfast on the porch--or perhaps snoozing by her breakfast bowl is more accurate. I mix up their food with salmon oil, probiotics, & digestive enzymes with water to soften it up. Yum.

You may be wondering why I have a picture of a bird. Let me splain:

'member when that bird flew into the house & Maggie ran out? Well, I'm showing this pic not for the bird, but for what the bird is sitting on; a v. squeaky hinge. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEK-Y!  Finally, I got some WD40 and oiled it. Now it's silent. What I didn't realize, is that the dogs both responded to the noise of the door. They would walk part-way in, pause, and then hear the squeak, and keep walking til they were all-the-way-in. Now, they walk in. Pause. And just stand there. I swing the door. Nothin'. They don't move. So now, they wait until the door touches them, and then they walk the rest of the way in. It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Convo with Mum

 Queen Anne: Dog Tolerator

Me: The girls have a vet appointment on Friday.
Mum: Girls? They're not girls. They're DOGS!
Me: Well, girl-dogs, then.
Mum: A female dog is called a bitch.
Mum: Well!
Me: Yo, I'm takin' ma bitches to da vet on Friday, dawg.
Mum: Whooo-who-who-who-who!  [that's how she sounds when she laughs--no, really!]
            That's not what I meant!
Me: Well!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Off my back porch

You might be thinking, "Meh," as you look at this photo . . .

But if you look closely . . .

This is one of triplets!

Of course, I couldn't get all 3 in one photo!

Here's Mama.  :-)  So sweet.

Monday, August 16, 2010

M & M Monday

I've mentioned that Maggie is usually at my feet if I'm settled anywhere for any length of time. Well, here she is behind me at my desk. I have to be careful when I push my chair away, so I don't tap into her.

Here's Millie on the other side of me:

Zzzzzzzz . . . .

You know those people who, no matter what or when, they have their eyes closed in a photo:

I think Millie's just avoiding the flash from the camera! BTW, Temple Grandin 
says that when dogs have their mouths like this, that they are content.  :-)

Millie enjoying some porch time.

See the bears? Kidding. No bear. Here are the girls hanging out near the clothes line:


Settled in.

We've had a break in the heat wave, so the girls have spent a bit more time outside.

See Maggie?

Here she is:

One of her favourite spots!

I started the girls on a new natural flea/tick regime. It's not too bad smelling. It's just cedar oil. I ordered a bottle. Apparently it's good for mange, mites, yeast, & other skin issues. It's a natural insecticide & you can spray for ants, wasps, etc. It's also a rodent & snake deterrant (not safe around exotic birds, pet mice, guinea pigs, etc.) Dogs, cats, farm animals are all OK. Even newborns.  The girls don't seem to mind it & it's not as stinky as the essential oil blend I was using at the beginning of the season. So far, so good. Will keep you posted!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Morning Note

Last night I had an old-fashioned sleep-over with a friend. We had dinner, watched a chick flick, and ate YUMMY GF cake that she brought. She had to leave early and I missed her sneaking out. And she left this v. sweet note:

The opposite of a passive-aggressive note!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HAPPY B-Day Mum!!!

Saturday was Mum's birthday & all the sibs & kids celebrated at her house. Brother D & I picked out Taylor Swift cards together . . . 

Here's Brother D's, which he picked out right away:

When he was getting the card, he rubbed it against other sparkley cards to enhance the sparkliness. Guess you had to be there. I didn't want to take too much time, so I just grabbed this one & revised it. Here's Mum with my card:

Got the laugh I was looking for!

HAPPY Birthday, Mum!

Make a wish! (Pioneer Sister's famous chocolate cake!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

M&M Monday

Sunday Breakfast on the Back Porch

Millie gets growly with Maggie.

Nom nom nom

Mum Comes to Visit

Maggie says, "Hello."

"Oh, all right. I'll touch you."

Friday, August 6, 2010

Funny Friday: Eeeeewwwwww!

It's funny because it's disgusting. Here's a guy who woke up to find that his dog had chewed off his toe.

I love when the wife says that the dog only ate the infected part, "which was great."  Because, you know. That's what you want in your family pet; one that knows the difference between healthy leave-it-alone human flesh, and the it's-OK-to-consume flesh. Nothing says "man's best friend" like a dog willing to gnaw off part of his master's rotting phalange. It seems to me that if you can sleep thru your dog chewing off an infected body part, perhaps that toe isn't your biggest problem. Celebrating his wife citizenship. Congratulations, honey. Zzzzzzz...thunk....ahhhhh!!! Where's my bloody toe?!!! [literally]   As it turns out, the dog saved his life, so that's good.

Thanks to @skydiver Peter Shankman for tweeting about this. And HAPPY Birthday!  :-)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I heard a voice mail this morning promising to return my call "with alacrity."  Hmmm . . . I'm not familiar with that word, so googled it. [Side note here: so I just noticed that I said, "Googled" instead of "looked it up." Hmmm . . . .] Anyway, this is what alacrity means:
As I was doing the graphics for this, I thought, "It needs to be a bit more . . . cheerful. So here you go: