Monday, November 25, 2013

Doggie Monday

Here are Reggie & Bingo sharing a bed in my office:

See this bone? I got it for Bingo when I first got her. She's not a chewer. So now it's Reggie's.
 I have to watch him, tho. He's very quiet but he likes to chew the beds. He picked apart a corner of this bed & was pulling out the stuffing. He's very quiet about it, too. I think he's gnawing away at his chew toy & I look down to see him surrounded by pillow fluff.


Nephew RoRo came for a vizzie & he wanted Bingo to lick his hand. She wasn't obliging him enough, so I said, "Do you really want her to lick you hand? Hang on." And then I spread peanut butter on his hand like it was a slice of bread.

 And guess what?! The fence is done!

You know what Tabby's thinking about all this!

Reggie is SO HAPPY! He runs circles around Bingo & romps all over the place.

 The first morning I let them out, they ran around and then banged up against the back fence, which swung open. And out they both flew into the woods. So I ran & got a leash & was running thru the woods yelling, "BINGO!" The neighbors might have been wondering what kind of woodsy-game I'm playing at 7:15 a.m. I managed to get Bingo and then of course Reggie followed. That was our bit of excitement. And exercise.

Whatchya lookin' at, RoRo?

Next on the list: dog door. Reggie can get in & out, but not for long. And Bingo needs to be able to come in & out as she needs to, as well.
 For the first few days, Reggie would go out thru the cat door, but not back in. So then I leave the door open for him & he does a little dance:

Friend Rita came over with Dana & Roy for a vizzie:
Dana & Bingo.

Reggie & Dana.

Here's Roy.

Reggie's just a streak around the yard!

Kisses for Mommy.

 I took Bingo & Reggie over to Rita's Saturday & dropped them off for a sleepover & picked them up after church on Sunday. They get a good work out. They are sacked out on their beds after dinner!

Something that I've discovered with the fence is that Reggie & Bingo are barkers! Thankfully, NOT at squirrels or it would be v. noisy! People walking on the road, any activity around the house behind us--even stuff across the lake. I don't want to be that neighbor with the barky dogs! But I guess I am. Will have to take peace offerings at Christmas time.  :-)  Rita says that Reggie is going to be the watch dog. He's much barkier than Bingo. Thankfully, they don't do it in the house.

And that was our exciting week!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Caroline Myss

Thanks, Diane for taking our picture!
I went to Chicago earlier this month to see Norm Shealy & Caroline Myss present a seminar on Medical Intuition. This is something that applies to my healing & massage work, not as much my work for John Morgan.

I first saw Caroline before Why People Don't Heal came out & she just had the audio tape in 1996. I also studied with her & Norm when they presented a class on archetypes back in 1998, when I lived in WV. I think I have every book and audio series she's put out, but there's always something new to learn. Plus Caroline is just very funny & a good storyteller. As far as content goes, I learned a lot of new stuff from Norm, specifically his acupuncture rings.

I met some great people there. On the first day, before class started, a woman came up and started talking to me. She was v. kinesthetic, swaying back and forth, in her own little trance. I stopped looking at her because I was getting sea sick. She said something like, "In my second house I have such-n-such." I said, "Oh, where is your other house?" She replied, "My astrological house." Silly me! You know you're at a Caroline Myss seminar when "second house" is not a literal second house. Haha

One of the refrains throughout the weekend was:

What is in one, is in the whole.

Here are a few more quotes from Caroline:

Your highest potential is revealed to you when you will do the least harm to your fellow human beings.

Anyone still in the last century? Hands up!

How little you know about yourself but you expect other people to.

I don't care who you are, gravity wins the day.

Loving the package you came in is essential to healing. Have reverence for yourself. What is holy, sacred about you?

Prayer will bend any mystical law for you. A miracle is a law moved and bent just for you.

You owe everyone the best of you. What is in one, is in the whole. Each of us has to count on all of us. We are all in it together.

I was on a political rant . . . which I know you find hard to believe.

At one point during the seminar, Caroline was talking about how she doesn't take supplements and Norm does. "How many do you take?  24?" And he said something like, "No, 40." And she started to physically gag at the thought of swallowing pills. So I rushed up front to offer her some ginger candy for settling the stomach. Later, as I was recounting this story to John Morgan, he said in that dry delivery,"Right . . . because everyone has an emergency stash of ginger on them." Hahahaha   I had it left over from my England trip when I was eating it like candy as a passenger on all those windy roads.

While I met some interesting people and had some great convos, I missed my chiro-sis, Ruth. She's such a huge Caroline Myss fan. We should have a name for that; Myssonite, maybe? Does that sound too much like a Myss-take? I crack myself up. Anyway, luckily Norm & Caroline are presenting again together next year, so we're going together this time. Much more funner!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

England: On the Way Back to London & Home

Oh, look! It was sunny as we headed back to London:

Sort of.

"No speed limits!" 

Not a v. good shot, but this tree was growing on the bridge.

More rain.

And then!

Double rainbow!

Love the light.

A bit blurry, but that's a sign for one of a bazillion round-abouts. 

See that truck? They have double-decker sized trucks. GREAT-BIG-HUGE. 

We stopped at a rest stop. "TASTES LIKE fresh milk" does not mean it's fresh milk.

Last pub meal. Seeing this menu made me wonder if we had unwittingly been eating DISHONEST food all week.  And yes, I had mushy peas. Of course. Oh! And my cousin gave me a bag of my own to bring back home. AWESOME!