Sunday, June 25, 2023

Turtle Pix

Chiro-sis Ruth & Rowan flew back from Scotland and I picked them up at the airport yesterday. I told her that Oly was now a "free-range" turtle and allowed to roam about the house. With the rain the last couple days, she didn't get her backyard walks. Here she is emerging from . . . somewhere this morning: 

Lady looks on with a wary eye.

She likes little nooks. Here she is parking herself like a Matchbox car: 

I let Lady lick out the coconut milk bag and  then this:
Don't worry--I didn't let her stay!

In Le Studio:

In the laundry room:

Playing with her reflection on the dryer:

Basking in the sun:

She's less and less fond of her makeshift plastic bin terrarium! But she still burrows down:


She churns against the side when she wants to come out, tho:

"I'm awake!  Lemme out!"

This is still the easiest way to feed her. She came with clear instructions about favourite fruit watermelon being handfed to her:


Going outside:

I really have to watch her because she can disappear and blend into the grass v. fast!

There she is:

Yoda Kitty sits below me when I'm "walking" the turtle:

View from backyard; Mama and her twins:

In non-turtley news, rainy day snoozes with Tabby Bobcat & Lady:

Lady spilling out of Tabby's bed:

All is well.  :-)