Wednesday, October 31, 2007


A rather tame photo of us 3 sisters, from the v. early 80' our post-Beatles, current U2-Stray Cats, pre-Cure phase...didn't everyone have fishnet stockings? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Monday, October 29, 2007

First frosty....

I do promise to post daily. However, the time may be inconsistent as I'm waiting for the frost to melt from the satellite dish! (Fair warning for tomorrow). So, here is a photo from this a.m. GLORIOUS.
You can barely see it, but there is a house up to the left and is in what's left of the old Skymont. It used to be a boyscout camp until it had a brief stint as a commune in the early '70's, where I spent my formative years from age 7 to 17. Mum always says, "It was NOT a commune! It was a community of like-minded people." OK, then. Commune. If you see interviews with actress Patricia Arquette where she's talking about growing up in a "hippie commune," this is the place. And that's the house she lived in with her family. Everyone called it "The Chalet." Altho, now it's just a giant screened-in porch. Oh, the stories I could tell...but I'll save them for another time!


I did say that I wasn't posting on Sunday, right? So yesterday was a bonus. Today we had our first frost...I would upload a frosty photo except that I'm on dial-up back-up; perhaps because my satellite dish is frosty? Dunno. And I was so looking FW to ditching Earthlink. Hehhh.... Anyway, so will do pics later. In the meantime, here's a quote from John Morgan's blog post, I Hate My Body.

"The last time most women felt comfortable in a bathing suit was at age 10. That alone should tell you something about how we perceive our bodies. Here’s a question to ponder? How cooperative would you be with a person who detested you? My guess is not very."

Insightful. Inspired. True. A great read for gals AND guys. I wonder if you'll be curious enough now to go read the whole thing....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

In GRATITUDE: I have the BEST Karma Ever!

Have you ever evaluated the weather according to laundry? I know Nat will know what I’m talking about…we are a rare breed of people who hang out laundry on the line. I love the fresh sheets and the scratchy towels. I enjoy the whole process. It’s v. ZEN. However, I also enjoy gathering an armful of warm towels out of the dryer on a grey winter’s day. *sigh* It’s like a hug-from-the-dryer. And I appreciate the convenience of being able to do laundry whenever I want instead of waiting for Nature to comply. What’s this?! RAIN? But I’m out of jeans!
I called Mum yesterday to see what she was doing. I had made a huge pot of vegetable soup and banana bread. Our friends John & Melody were there for a visit. Well, Mel was. John-of-All-Trades was there to fix the dryer. I said, “Oh, when he’s finished, can he come fix mine?” (Insert promise of soup & banana bread). And the next thing you know, they all driiiiiiiiive the 50 minutes over to my house!
It soon became apparent that what was a minor inconvenience, was actually a house-fire-waiting-to-happen. I had started to use it when I first moved here and the dryer had gotten really hot (too hot to touch) and I smelled burning. It was suggested that the line was clogged going out of the house. Since it was summer, I just used the line and put the dryer on my To Do List. It was NOT the outside line but the way it had been connected in the first place:

John explained to me that there are 2 options to vent: either on the side of the dryer or in the back. This is how NOT to do it: the vent is not connected to anything. That hose in the back is connecting to 2 outside holes together & the vent is just blowing inside the whole dryer unit. The heating element was covered with dryer lint that was burnt.

And above is the proper connection: white plastic thingie connected to vent outside.

I am SO GLAD John went to Mum’s to fix her dryer.

In the meantime, we 3 gals had a lovely meal of soup and banana bread & I mentioned that my dear friend Robbie had given me her sewing machine when she moved to Florida. I’d not used it because it was dropping mysterious little green pieces from somewhere & I thought it must be the belt. Mel said, “Get John to look at it.” He had already saved me from burning the house down, it’s not like I had any sewing emergencies going on.

Ta Da! John was finished with the dryer & now I can do laundry whenever I please. Oh, I feel so fancy…and Mel said, “Did you ask about the sewing machine?” No, really, John has done enough! But John investigates. And now I have a working sewing machine—stay tuned for new curtains made with the AWESOME vintage fabric I got at the flea market!

I am SO GLAD John went to Mum’s to fix her dryer.

In the meantime, Mum noticed a vine that had taken over part of the porch. I thought it looked nice, but apparently it’s v. destructive. I told Mum I’d wait til the first frost, it would be easier to prune. No really, it’s on The LIST. So of course, while I was giving a percussor session for Mel, Mum hacked away the vine! All done.

I am SO GLAD John went to Mum’s to fix her dryer.

And I don’t know what magic they performed, but the ironing board cover that I had sitting by the kitchen door to return because it didn’t fit…well, they put it on, defying the laws of physics! All done.

I am SO GLAD John went to Mum’s to fix her dryer.

As I was walking everyone out, John noticed my air purifier. He said they had a bunch of them at work. I told him it wasn’t working because it needed a fuse. He said, “I’ll get you one.” Mum just gave me that I can't believe this LOOK. You know the one.

I am SO GLAD John went to Mum’s to fix her dryer.

All those little things on my To Do List have been done. The only thing left is to get the chimney swept for the woodstove; which is a job for the volunteer fire department. For a donation, they come to your house. Even in the wilderness.
And now, here's the kicker: John couldn't fix Mum's dryer yesterday because it's an electric issue, not a dryer issue. Apparently he's crawling under her house today to fix it. A BIG *THANK YOU* to John (& Mel for volunteering him) ;-) and to Mum.
P.S. Open invitation to John & Mel to come fishing. John was wearing a shirt that said "Work is for people who don't fish." PLUS FREE PERCUSSOR sessions!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Airport Drama-o-rama

Well. I went to the airport to pick up Mum. I got there in plenty of time. Puh-lenty. When I went in, it said on the screen by International Arrivals that the flight was delayed. By 3 hours. So I immediately turned lemons into lemonade and decided it was an opportunity to listen to the WONDERFUL Dave Dobson tapes that John Morgan has lent me. I went to the car and listened to one for a half hour or so (and I'm listening to Dave, so how much time has really gone by??? That will be funny to a coupla Dobsonians reading this). Anyway, so the tape stopped. Hmmm... that's odd. I wonder if I drained the battery. Why, yes, I did. How would you react? Think about it as I tell you what I did next:

I Reikied the battery for about 40 minutes (WTH, I had time to kill).
I chanted the Gayatri mantra (all-purpose Vedic chant). Click here for a v. cute version.
I visualized myself celebrating and saying, "THANK YOU!" because the car started.
Then I muscle-checked when the whole process was complete and turned the ignition... and this part may surprise you...

...or perhaps not. The car did not start. Can you believe that? But just when I had tried to start it, a man was walking by, so I asked him if he had jumper cables. He did. AND his car was right across in front of mine. AND he just happened to be a mechanic. It would be so cool if I could say my car started right then, but alas, no! The cables were too skinny and didn't get enough juice to the battery. Another guy walked by and Mechanic Guy asked him if he had jumper cables. He did. My car started. I celebrated just as I had imagined. THANK YOU!!! :-)

I knew it was all taken care of, I just had the details of *how* a bit fuzzy.

Now some of you, in your smug little Newtonian Clock Universe, will think, "Who Reiki's a car battery?" Really, why didn't I just go look for help in the first place? Well. And this is my clean-little-secret: I Reiki everything. Now you know. Because I live in an Einsteinian Energetic Universe; everything is energy and thoughts & intentions direct that energy. AND it has worked in the past. OK, not with a car battery, but it's worked with my computer and other situations. AND doing Reiki helps me get grounded in stressful situations. Chanting Gayatri makes me feel calm & centered. AND when you feel better, you do better. AND instead of wandering around looking for help, it came to me. I only asked one person. Plus, and you may interpret this as the REAL reason: it was POURING down rain, and I didn't want to get out of the car. Until it stopped. It didn't. And I asked myself, "What can I do sitting in the dark on a rainy night in my car with nothing else to do but wait for the rain to stop?" Pray. Meditate. Reiki. Always a good thing to do, and rushing around as I had for the past 2 days, had not taken time to do that. So, there you have it.

I had an hour to recharge the battery and listen to Dave. (Note to self: Blog post on Dave). Then I went into the airport and waited for Mum. Have you ever seen that movie, Love, Actually? With Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson. I forget what it's about because it's the opening of the movie that I LOVE. They filmed regular people at an airport for 2 weeks meeting friends & family off the plane. It's so BEAUTIFUL to watch. And I got the live version of it as I watched people come out of customs. There were 2 little boys who ran up to their grandfather. Papita! Papita! And happy tears all around. A British gal with her children meeting her sister. Very proper and so sweet. An Indian family greeting their father-brother-uncle. It made my heart *smile* to watch all this as I'm waiting for my own mother.

And then my phone rang. It was Mum. "Where are you?" she said.
"I'm at the airport. Where are you?"
HOME. Her plane was NOT delayed and she had sat in the airport for 3 hours while I sat in the parking lot. She finally got a taxi home. In the rain. With a driver who didn't speak English. D'OH!!! (Note to self: Oh, never mind! Too many notes!) So there you have it.

WELCOME HOME, Mum! Sorry your daughter is such a twit!

Mum on her last B-day.

This is our version of Easy-Lazy Trifle (no one wants to bake in August!) :
Store-bought angel food cake, slice around to make 2 layers. Add Byrd's frozen strawberries to bottom layer (thawed, of course). Put on top layer of cake, add more strawberries to the top. Slather with whipped cream (the REAL stuff, not that spray crap-in-a-can). If you're feeling extra-inspired, you can do the Byrd's custard on top of the strawberries before the whipped cream. The center of the cake just fits a Catholic candle (Mother Mary). :-)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mum, You ROCK!

Mum is back from Scotland, and she brought me back a heart-shaped rock. Isn't this AWESOME? My internet connection has been on & off today...perhaps the rain is affecting the satellite? Dunno. Anyway, will write more tomorrow. :-) H.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I See Hearts Wherever I Go

This is a pear tree I found in the field in front of my house. Dave Dobson says that to get to the fruit, you have to climb the skinny branches. Hmmm....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How Long Do You Plan on Being a Hermit?

Some people have asked. It's not indefinite, this retreat into the wilderness. It's where I need to be for NOW. I can stay in the present moment, out here in Nature. Hmmm...almost sounds sort of Eckhart Tolle, don't you think? haha

But look where I'm living! The road I'm on is so BEAUTIFUL.
[BTW, this is where I saw my first bear!]
I was listening to John's Self Image CD last night and he has a line in there about going to a place where you feel peaceful. I used to imagine another place outside myself, like my labyrinth in WV or walking along a beach. I used to meditate A LOT just to get that sense of inner peace because I was in a much more stressful environment. And as celebrated cell-biologist Bruce Lipton says in Chapter 2 of his BRILLIANT book, The Biology of Belief: It's the Environment, Stupid. Your environment affects your health, your behaviour, your feelings. Change your environment, change your life. Which is what I've done.

And being out here in nurturing.

[Science geek reference] haha

What I feel is that peace is where I am. Now. In this moment. And when I venture back out into the world, I trust that I will be able to keep that place of peace within me wherever I go.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

GSF Elaine Silver~She Sparkles!

My friend Elaine called yesterday. She was en route to NJ for a concert and we met in Harrisonburg at Mrs. Hardesty's Tea Room. It was the perfect place for tea & chat, and it was such a LOVEly surprise & treat to get to visit!

We went to the bathroom before leaving and I got an impromtu Bathroom Concert of one of her new songs "Thoughts Become Things," which I recorded. What was funny was that there was a woman in one of the stalls and she didn't want to come out until the singing stopped. She was prolly there with her Quilting Club and went back to the table saying, "You're never going to guess what just happened in the bathroom...."

Modeling her witch's hat which wouldn't stay up. LOVE the license plate!

We get the "are-you-sisters"'s the teeth. ;-)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Canoe Visitors

I was tippy-tapping on my computer yesterday when there was a knock on the door. Living in the wilderness, as I do, I don't get surprise-door-knockers. And there standing on my front porch with a big SMILE was my chiro-sister Ruthie. I knew she was on a camping/canoing trip for the weekend nearby, but she had said they prolly wouldn't be stopping by. But there she was. "I couldn't paddle past your house without at least stopping by and saying hello." I said, "Would you care for some indoor plumbing before you go back to the river?" YES!!!

Now, side note here, and really, it's paragraph-worthy. We are not happy campers. We are not *any* kind of campers. For most of our childhood we lived in an old boyscout camp, and until our dome was built, we lived out of our camping trailer. My sister Maggie said that her son's boyscout troup did "Parking Lot Camping." They even ordered pizza for one of the nights! She said, "There's no pizza in camping. I want my son eating bark off a tree if he's hungry!" So, you see, we've done camping. But perhaps when you know it's only for a weekend, and you'll return to civilization at the end of it, and you'll be with your sweetheart and friends, it's not so bad. AND it was THE perfect weekend to go: warm, sunny, BEAUTIFUL fall colours.

Ruthie, Ian, & puppy Alvis
P.S. Go check out the Grasshopper for the Extraordinary Coincidence that happened in NYC. John wrote about it and gave a very EL-oquent report of Eckhart Tolle. BTW, when I said I'm not a fan, I don't mean I dislike him. While I resonate with his message, I just haven't read his books. It's kind of like Conversations with God. I prefer to have XM Radio Guy tell me about it. I read the first book years ago, but just don't feel drawn to read the rest. AND I interpret other books for XM Radio Guy. What can I say? Sorry Eckhart, I'm really more of a Bruce Lipton gal!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Big City Wilderness

I got a call yesterday from my boss, John Morgan. He's in NYC to see Eckhart Tolle at the Beacon Theatre. John has an aversion to talking on his cell phone in public, so I was surprised he called me. One time I gabbed with him as I was navigating the aisles of Walmart. "How can you do that?" he asked me. I'm multi-tasking. So he says, "I'm joining the rest of the jackasses on their phones." When in Rome... It was so otherworldly to hear all the street noises of the city while standing out in my yard.

I'm not really in Eckhart Tolle's Fan Club--nothing against him, but I tried to listen to an audio series and it was such a Snooze Fest. I like him better when someone else is quoting him. Like John. [OMG, when I googled Eckhart Tolle, it seems he really does have a fan club!] So I'll leave you with some cool quotes:

"You may not yet be able to bring your unconscious mind activity into awareness as thoughts, but it will always be reflected in the body as an emotion, and of this you can become aware."

"Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath"

"Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to "die before you die" — and find that there is no death"

P.S. Something extraordinary happened to John yesterday, but it's not my story to tell. I told him he has to do a blog post for it. Altho, things like that happen to me all the time. Oooh, what could it be? Stay tuned.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Healing Art

My sister Ruth, besides having the healing hands of a Reiki Master/Chiropractor, is also a stained-glass artist. She uses found objects in her work and creates one-of-a-kind pieces. She's v. intuitive in her work and connects to the person's spirit she's designing for so that each piece reflects healing and support. We both have the same creative process in our artwork, only I'm working with paints. She adds prayers, healing energy & happy intentions to her pieces the way I do when I'm painting.

She made this for me a couple years ago and when she gave it to me, she said, "I don't know why there's no purple in it, but this was the piece you needed." I had it hanging in my office at the bay, but here in my river house, surrounded by green everywhere, it is the perfect thing to hang in my picture window. Green is the colour associated with the heart center, and with it's v. appropriate. Thanks, sweetie. WUV you. :-) Hal

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Percussor 101

This is a percussor. I have successfully failed to describe it accurately enough--and a picture is worth a thousand words. So here it is:

I can't talk about the Erchonia percussor without talking about Dr. John Brimhall, because that's who taught me. I learned from him before I became a massage therapist--in fact it was this work that inspired me to go to school. For all my non-Brimhallers out there, a percussor is a hand-held instrument that works on fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue that hold muscles, organs, etc. in place. It's v. strong stuff--2000 lbs. of pressure, if I'm remembering correctly. You know that filmy stuff across a chicken breast? Fascia. Dr. John says you could take everything out of the body and leave the fascia and you would still have the shape of your body. Whenever there's trauma to the body, the fascia can get restricted to create restricted movement or pain. As a massage therapist, I had a whole semester on myofascial release.

S-L-O-W work and pretty much like watching paint dry. Hehhhh...the percussor is way faster and efficient. Not only is it great for pain, but it's wonderful for TMJ (jaw) problems, breathing problems (there's a diaphragm release that really helps with asthma), and scar tissue release.
Surgery always disrupts the fascia and can create all sorts of problems, especially any kind of abdominal surgery, like a C-section. Dr. Lee tells a rather graphic story about a C-section patient who'd suffered from chronic constipation. I'm debating whether to say the rest...OK, get ready to say Eeewwww! On the way home she stopped at a gas station and FILLED one toilet, moved on to the next and was afraid to leave....yup, she was literally full of crap.

I worked on a client who was having extreme TMJ pain and it was related to a hysterectomy she'd had 7 years prior. The scar was less than an inch across, but as it released, so did her TMJ pain. Amazing stuff. I also worked on a woman who'd had multiple car accidents and surgeries. Not only are you working on the physical scar, but also the emotional trauma related to it as well. So the percussor releases all that pent-up energy as well as addressing unresolved emotions related to the initial trauma. And that was my first experience of being engulfed in a cloud of the energy of the anesthesia. Whew! Dr. Brady, another Brimhall doc, said When you work with the percussor, you'll start to experience some strange things. I have had some v. strange enxperiences that I will save for another time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Walk on Down a Country Road

Walking to my post box....

Sail on home to Jesus
won't you good girls and boys
I'm all in pieces
You can have your own choice.
'cause I can see a heavenly band full of angels
coming to set me free.
Said I don't know nothing' 'bout the wild wind
but I can tell you that it's bound to be
because I can feel it now
on a country road.
I guess my feet know where they want me to go
walking on a country road. ~James Taylor

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Gasped When I Saw This

This a.m.'s sunrise. Happy Tuesday! :-)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blue Bird of Happiness

Did I mention that I'm not posting on Sundays? No? Well. I'm not. If God can rest, so can I. Do you think God has Pajama Days? I heard from Mum-in-Scotland. She was at a library (proper pronunciation "Li-BREE") and emailed me. She does a mean Scottish accent, can't wait to hear all about her trip when I pick her up next week!
I took this picture the first week I moved into my little river house. I'd never seen a completely blue bird before, or since. Cool, huh?

There's more I could write, but I got nothin' on the Grasshopper today, (profound, funny, & EL-oquent!) so go check him out, already & have a FANTABULOUS day!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Heart Rocks

My friends Bess & Val are here for the weekend. Bess is my dear GSF from massage therapy school & her hubby is also my web-guy. He commented v. dryly as he was surveying my collection of heart rocks in my bay window, "Hearts seem to be as important to you as labyrinths." This is a shot of the cross part of my labyrinth. The center rock is one I salvaged from my first labyrinth in WV, and I have some great chunks of quartz. The center ring of the labyrinth is all heart rocks, too. Will show a pic of that sometime... altho, Mum says you have to use your imagination with some of them. haha
Bess & I are off to a bookfair...great barns FULL of books!! Ah, heaven! Yay, us!

Friday, October 12, 2007

In the Finally Dept. but Oh! Where to Begin???

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big fan of Dr.'s Brett & John Brimhall. I would not be here today if I'd not gone to The Brimhall Wellness Center 3 years ago. I also have had the good fortune to be able to attend seminars with Dr. John because I worked in my husband's office. In the process I've made my way back to health & wellness and learned a tremendous amount about holistic healing. My boss, John Morgan, will sometimes say to me as I'm blathering on, "You say this stuff as if I know what you're talking about."

Doesn't everyone know about cold-laser technology? Doesn't everyone know that miracles happen everyday with alleged terminal illnesses? That a diagnosis is not a death sentence? That even if you're in a wheelchair, you can get back out? That if something in you gets worse, it can also get better? No? This is what I appreciate about Brimhall doctors: they don't accept limitations. "We don't promise miracles, but we expect them," Dr. John likes to say.

So last weekend, I had the good fortune to attend another seminar with my chiro-sister Ruth, taught by Dr. David Lee. Yay! He says, "We get miracles in the office because we ask for them." I think another thing I appreciate about this work is that there is always something new to learn, because he & Dr. John are always learning new things. This work continues to evolve and just gets better and better.

Dr. Lee tells the best stories--too many to tell here. Dr. Lee, get a blog!!! However, here are a few tidbits from the weekend:
  • You've got to alkalize your body to energize. Things that contribute to an acidic body: Emotional stress, too many starches, and the wrong drinking water. There's a 4th thing, but he digressed into a story about pigs.
  • PIG STORY: Get ready to say Eeeewwwww! In China, pigs are raised in cages that sit 5 on top of each other. They put food in the top cages...and there it filters down. So you know what the other cages underneath are eating....The top 2 levels the Chinese use for food. The 3rd level is USDA & those pigs are imported as food, the 4th is for research, & the bottom are pigs they donate.
  • Handy way to fix a hiatal hernia: drink a gallon of water. Stand on a chair. Jump down.
  • 4 ways the body detoxes: 60% through breath, 30% through skin, 7% colon, & 3% bladder.
  • Decide: means to seperate into 2 sides that can't be put back together.
  • L.I.G.H.T. Let In God's Healing Light. Title of his book he's writing. Awesome.

Anyway, more that I could write, but I'll sign off with a few pictures:

Me & Dr. Lee :-)

Dr. Bruce Carrick with my sister Ruthie teasing me with greenpepper. Eeewwww!

The New Jersy Table: Dr. Jesse Liebman & staff. Dr. Jesse ROCKS!

P.S. And I don't know how I left the weekend without taking a picture of the Mincey Brothers!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

First River House Sunrise

I love to watch the sunrise and I did that for many years at my home on the bay. I was disappointed when I moved out here that I didn't get a sunrise because of the mountains. No fabulous first-morning colours. But now that the sun is moving medially, I'm sort of getting one. :-) Yay! This is the view from my front porch. Happy Thursday, everyone!
P.S. Full Dr. Lee Brimhall Report sooooooon. No, really!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I found these all in a row within 2 minutes. YAY, ME!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Last post from the Land of Dial-up!!!

Brian & Brian from Wildblue are here installing my satellite internet. Hurray for the 21st century! Except, they've just informed me they left a widget in their other van. So they were going to go back and get it and come back today...but as Brian #1 pointed out, that's like...17 hours away. Up & down my road twice in the same day??? I don't think so. They're coming back tomorrow. I have promised them truffles on their return, and I just forced my tap water on them. It's the BEST, Jerry!

AND I'm getting TV tomorrow so I won't be pestering XM Radio Guy for a report on The Office & My Name Is Earl & Curb Your Enthusiasm. How lame is that? Here's my quote for the day:

Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Mystic Pet Spa & Grasshoppers

I spent the weekend with my chiro-sister Ruth at a Brimhall seminar with Dr. David Lee in Harrisburg, PA. Anyone who knows me knows that I am all Blah-blah-blah Brimhall, but I'm going to post about that later this week when I can upload photos. In the meantime, I've discovered a local gem and an AMAZING pet hotel: Mystic Pet Resort & Spa
I am SO happy to be able to leave my geezer-dogs someplace cheerful, warm, bright, sunny & so welcoming. Owners Gareth & Lena are AWESOME! Gareth is British and if he weren't looking after dogs, he'd be Eddie Izzard. Lena clipped Barkley's toenails for me in the car as I was leaving to come back to the wilderness. SUCH nice people and I am so lucky to have them here in LOO-ray, VA of all places!
And speaking of grasshoppers, even tho I wasn''s Grasshopper Note was v. inspired; all about the power of surrender. AND I'll leave you with my favourite quote:

Once you notice your programmed reaction, it's time to switch gears. So when you get mired in the mud and you have your moment of angst, that's the time to notice that the thought machine is about to spin out of control. Just this perception will bring you back into the moment. Switching into the moment is surrender.Surrender gives you the best chance to go from predicament to peace. And in this peaceful place, you receive higher quality information that transforms the process of seeking a solution. You go from scattered thought to no thought at all. Clarity comes from this unimpeachable silence.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Self-image Repatterning

I am fortunate to gab on the phone with John Morgan. A lot. And last night I got a live version of one of his CD's Improve Your Self Image. AWESOME. I feel balanced, centered, peaceful. THANKS, John.

Earlier in the day he had asked me if I'd heard of Alice Steadman, author of Who's the Matter with Me? I thought I had included an Alice quote in my last post about problems, but now I'll just put my favourite quotes from her:

An oyster takes an irritation and makes of it a pearl. How many pearls could we make in a week.

If you have come to an awareness that you are no longer satisfied with you as you are, your soul is “talking” to you. Listen to it.

Never run from a problem; either it will chase you or, like a cop who calls ahead of the speeder, you run into another just like it, although it has a different face and name.

If you do not like your world, change yourself to what you would wish and you will attract those things and people you wish.

P.S. I'm spending the weekend with my sister Ruthie, so prolly no posts til Mon. Have a FABULOUS weekend! :-) H.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Problems into Opportunities

When you resonate with being self-empowered, you will use every problem as a means for personal growth, which leads to a higher state of organization and well-being. ~Chloe Wordsworth

The secret to success is not to try to avoid or get rid of or shrink from your problems; the secret is to grow yourself so that you are bigger than any problem. ~T. Harv Eker

When God wants to give you a gift, he wraps it in a problem. ~Norman Vincent Peale

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Give LIGHT and the darkness will disappear. ~Emerson

Be a Light unto yourself. ~The Buddha

Darkness is a closed heart. Open your heart and Light pours in--and OUT. :-) LOVE, H.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New Blog Policy

I'm taking a page from Margot Potter and I'm going to be more consistent with my posting. Like everyday consistent. Who said that??? Even if it's a quote-for-the-day. Because some days I'm not really doing anything I think would be screamingly blog-worthy. I walk my dogs and wash dishes to tango music and shmoooooze on the phone for John Morgan. Because some days are just lovely and ordinary. So here's your quote:

Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness. ~Scott Ginsberg
Thanks, Nametag Guy! And I'll also take greatness. Why limit myself? ha ha
P.S. If you're reading this, Mum, your children would all like to know that you are having FUN in drop an email already! LOL from BNO (&2,3,4, & 6)