Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Search for Robert Smith in The Anonymous HeART Project

The Anonymous HeART Project is a British charity auction featuring art created by "artists, celebs, and high profiled names."  There is some AWESOME art in the 457 pieces for sale. Here's a list of contributors with thumbnails and links to all the works.  I'll squirrel into a few of my favourites--first up: Dogs!

Greeting card worthy, don't you think?

Collage. The hearts, oh the hearts! 
This one!  Captures the moment.

For the Frenchie lover!

The top 2 look a bit mothy.
Another greeting card.  :-)

And back to Robert Smith, because originally I was looking to see if I could figure out which piece was his. As I'm clicking thru I'm thinking he would prolly do something abstract.  Perhaps this?
LOVE this!


Perhaps this?
Messy hair and whatnot.


I weeded out anything cute, intricate, or "Untitled."  The "If only I'd thought of the right words...." is the give-away. There are certain phrases that always pop up in his songs again and again. (See what I did there, for all you fellow Curists out there?  You're welcome).  Since the bidding is up to 3900 pounds, I'm not the only Cure fan who has figured it out. 

I wonder how many of these he did or if this was the first one?  Someone might look at this and think he just said, "Mary, where's that spray paint?"  and sprayed and dripped.  "There, that's done." 

Some works are like that. Others can be agonizing because they aren't matching the vision for what you want. "Noooo, the drip needs to go this way!"  Does that sound too artsy and pretentious?  I know my fellow Creatives are agreeing. "Oh, the agony of not getting it just right!"  That's the Perfection Paralysis we can fall into.  And here I thought I was just doing a quickity blog post . . . .   :-)