Friday, July 29, 2011

Feline Friday

"Feline Friday?!" you may be asking. And some of you with a proper-English-accent might may also be saying, "You cahn't have Feline Friday if you have Tabby Tuesday." But I don't have Tabby Tuesday--I had ONE Tabby Wednesday but was reprimanded by the Alliteration Police that it should be Tabby Tuesday. Well, Tabby Bobcat cares nothing of the Alliterati, because she's busy doing what she does 23 hours a day:

Zzzzzzz . . . .

Huh?  Wha? AGAIN with the clicky-flashy thing?

Zzzzzz . . . .

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out & About

Last week I was out & about the teaming metropolis of Front Royal with Mum. It was 115 degrees. Ugh. Anyway, here are a few snapshots of our day.  License plates:

Met the owner of this car in my Body Flow class with Mum. AWESOME!

'member when "WC" was "water closet" as in bathroom?  I don't think that is what WC stands for here. Of course, someone could have WC Pride. I'm not here to judge.

Awww. If she gets pregnant, she'll have to change the license plate.



Mum said, "What is that?  P-one-ayer? What does that mean?"  Hahahaha
Because it was so hot, we spent a bit more time in the store wandering about. And this struck my funny bone:

Guess what this is, with the fancy box?

That's right. Tampons. Because that's what you want in a tampon; punk AND glam all in one.
For gals who don't want a punky-edge to their feminine products, they can go pop:

I'm pop. I'm optimistic. I'm POPTIMISTIC.

No, I really am more of a FREE STYLE gal.

Can you imagine the marketing meeting for these? "We want something that meets the needs of all our consumers. I know! Let's stick a paisley pattern on the pads to capture the hippie chick crowd."

What do you have to do to be a MEMBER of the Kotex Club?  SO exclusive. No boys allowed.
So after amusing myself with all of that, Mum & I went to restaurant for ice tea (me) & water-no-ice (Mum) & some GF french fries. This was the sign there:

We stayed.  :-)

Monday, July 25, 2011

M&M Monday

It's been a busy week for the girls. I dropped them off at Mystic Pet when I went to Yogaville on Monday, but I got back in time to pick them up at the end of the day.

Gareth leading the pack. Lena carrying out the dog beds. Millie saying Hullo to dogs, Maggie circling back to join her.


Then Maggie gets in the car . . .

And Millie plops down. Where she stays. *sigh*

But with the promise of treats from Gareth, Millie gets up when she hears Lena opening the bag!

Back home, on the way up the driveway:


Here's Mama.

Lena gave me a coupla pig ears for the girls:

Millie happily gnawing away.

Nom nom nom from Millie. Maggie just watches.

And never eats hers. Then Millie will come over to try to get Maggie's. I think Maggie does it to taunt her. Lena said, "Whenever I give the girls a treat, one of them eats it right away & the other one doesn't . . . "  "Yeah, that's Maggie," I said. Silly girl. So I'm stuck with one pig ear.  Eeewww.

Tuesday we had a vet appointment with Dr. Clark. He comes out to the car and does the whole exam & everything in the parking lot so that I don't have to maneuver them in to the office. He answered all my questions and essentially the answer is: Benedryl. I noticed that Maggie is breathing heavily. At first it was just when she was going up the ramp, and then when she's walking, and then! ALL. THE. TIME. Except when she sleeps. But if she gets up in the middle of the night, she wakes me up with her breathing. Dr. Clark said as long as there's no coughing, that she's OK. He said he sees it in older, large dogs. He said that Benedryl will help her to sleep thru the night and will help with her breathing.

She also has a bit of a foot licking thing going on. He said it could be allergies or it could be behavoural. I'll think I've got it under control, and then I look over, and she's licked another spot! "If it's allergies, Benedryl will help. Some dogs go on Prozac if it's behavoural, but really, Benedryl will help with that, too." Benedryl it is! He gave me a topical anti-itch spray for her, and a new eye ointment for her eyes ( goopy in the a.m.).

Millie, on the other hand--no foot licking, or anything! They're both on the Deramaxx for arthritis and are getting around pretty well for a coupla old gals. And that was our exciting week.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day of Rest: A Few Pix

Friday morning's sunrise.

Know what this is? A turkey. Yes, a turkey!

On my way out on top of the mountain. This always makes me think of Dave Dobson; pine trees.  :-)

This little guy hit the window and then kept trying to get in. He finally flew off. I did not Reiki him. OK, I did.

My avocado trees LOVE being outside on the back porch! Lots of leaf growth.

This morning's indigo bunting. He was making a racket with his chit-chitting. It sounds like a cross between a cardinal and a hummingbird. Anyway, he was flying back and forth & I thought he was chitting at me.


And then I saw Tabby Bobcat skulking from behind the car.

Once she moved near the wood shed, he flew to a tree and was quiet. er.

Then whatever caught her fancy, stopped being fancy and she went to sharpen her claws. This is one of the characteristics of a Pixie-Bob; they like to scratch wood.


Thursday, July 21, 2011


So I have a month before I move, but I needed to find a new doctor to manage my thyroid meds & I thought I'd have better luck finding someone holistic in the Richmond-area. So I called chiro-sister & she recommended Dr. McClanahan. She said, "If I had to go to a medical doctor, this is who I'd go to." Bonus that she's in Yogaville! It will only be an hour-ish from the new house, but it was 3 hours from my current one. Anyway, minus the driving, it was a pretty quick trip. Everyone I talked to there said it was a great place to use as a retreat. I didn't say, "I've essentially been on retreat for 4 years."  But I can see that it might be nice in the future. Certainly closer for me than the Himalayan Institute.

After my appointment, I did a bit of exploring & took some photos. I have to go back in 6 months, so it will be a bit of a contrast to the summer heat!

Doesn't this look inviting?

Here's the view from the patio.

Off to the right.


On the way to the temple.

That looks like a giant . . .


Walk way to the entrance.

Cool statue.

It was so H-O-T.  If XM Radio Guy had been with me, he would've dared me to jump in.
 There were no photos allowed inside the temple, because you know I would've taken some! Downstairs were altars & info on all the major religions. Then I went upstairs, and by "went" I mean on the balls of my feet up the teeny-tiny stairs of a spiral staircase. Upstairs is the top of the lotus. Hard to describe. I might've stayed longer, but there was some yoga dude who was meditating. I wasn't feeling the sacredness of the space as much as I was hearing the buzzing of the fluorescent lights.

Heading back.

I didn't go into this building; I ran out of time. The stairs had nothing to do with it. Shut up. No, they didn't!
 Gate on the way out:

Love this: TRUTH IS ONE, PATHS ARE MANY. Unless you eat meat. Then you're going to hell. Heh.
So I'm looking FW to going back again when I can spend a bit more time exploring. I was rushing back to pick up the dogs from Mystic Pet, but next time I go, that won't be an issue. Plus it would be fun to go with chiro-sister or a friend.