Monday, October 7, 2013

Bingo & Tabby

Autumn is slowly coming. Here are a few pix from our walks this week. I'm doing a separate post of fall foilage because I realized that I had more photos of trees in here than I did of Bingo & Tabby! So: trees & leaves in a separate post!


Down the trail to the lake.

She's looking at something across the lake.

Going after the leash again.

Bingo, oblivious.

Where'd it go?


To our winter spot. 

So this was funny. I babysat Rowan and we were walking Bingo before we went for a vizzie to his friend Lu. Bingo has several options around the property. "Go potty, Bingo," I say. And she sniffs around and then decides this is not The Spot today. So we're walking, we're walking and Rowan says, "Go potty, Bingo." And then. THEN!  He does the SIGH. "Hehhhhhhh . . . ."  Hahahaha!

So I didn't take any pix on our walk, but here are a few from inside, in my office:
I brought in Barkley's old crate for Bingo when it thunders or there are fireworks or other loud noises she doesn't like. My friend Ophe got me these table risers, so that the crate fits under the table. Bingo has yet to get into the crate.

Here's Rowan being a cat. Because he calls this the "cat house." Because this is where Tabby sleeps.

Bingo's bed behind the crate. Where Tabby also sleeps. 


Bingo rolling over for belly rubs. 
Happy girl!

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