Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ornament Thursday: INSECTICA

I knew immediately what I'd be featuring for this month's OT. For Christmas, I made Grasshopper Quote cards for the creator of Grasshopper Notes, John Morgan (also my boss and friend). My mother is also a huge fan, so for Mother's Day, I made her Grasshopper Quote cards, too. Here's the bag I sewed to hold the cards. I printed the image of the grasshopper onto T-shirt transfer paper & then ironed on to the fabric.

You could do this with any favourite quotes. I used Publisher and created a template to put the quotes, and then I made the back of the cards with the picture of the grasshopper.

I painted a plain white box with green acrylic paints, and glued an image I printed of the grasshopper onto card stock. I liked "Grasshopper Quotes" because it rhymes with Grasshopper Notes, and because I write my favourite quotes on sticky notes and post them on the wall where my desk is.

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Katie Hacker said...

One of my favorites:
We all know that success is harder than failure. - Frank Gehry

CelticDane said...

It's cool to be green - and what a nice colour~!

Hali Chambers said...

Thanks, Katie! GREAT quote! And thanks, Celtic Dane--are you incognito? I don't want to give away your identity, so I won't say your real name. ;-) H.