Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Labyrinth o' Luck

Oops! It is the end of the day & I'm just realizing I should have added the rest of the project on this post, not a new post for Thursday. Thanks, Jean! I didn't mean it to be secret. Click here to see the finished product & to get to the other OT links. Below is a template for the labyrinth.

Luck = preparation + opportunity
When I think of luck, I think of 4-leaf clovers. I have a knack for finding them. Once I found 11 all in about 2 minutes! This is a labyrinth based on one.

New note: I recently discovered a link from Barbara Martin, with some lovely ideas for creating a Lucky Labyrinth garden. Go see. And thanks, Barbara! :-)


Margot Potter said...


I'm coming back to check the rest out. Would it surprise you to know that I am also adept at finding four leaf clovers? I love to give bouquets of them to my friends!

This is a very cool idea and I agree with your formula for luck!

(the word verification is's a q thing!)


Hali Chambers said...

Doesn't surprise me a bit that you would be a 4-leaf clover gal!

The luck formula is based on a quote I heard--will have to google and find out who to credit. One of those motivation-self-improvement-success gurus...maybe Napoleon Hill?

Sending a virtual 4-leaf bouquet your way! :-) H.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Cool idea, Hali! I'll look forward to seeing the rest of the project later!

Hali Chambers said...

Thanks, Cindy! As Jean says, the finished product was a "secret post" because I did a new post TODAY instead of adding on/ editing Wednesday's post. There's my blonde moment for the day. ;-) H.