Monday, April 14, 2008

Just say YES

I’ve been out of the house 4 days in a row. That’s a record; more than I’ve been out in a single month. Bonnie Anthony, this LOVEly massage therapist at Wellspirit in Luray, contacted me a few months ago and asked me if I was available to work at the new Mimslyn Inn spa. Initially I didn’t want to. It takes quite the effort to leave the house. This is not an easy road to travel. That said, it’s a BEAUTIFUL drive, especially now in spring.

So. After writing Divine Midlife Crisis, something in me…shifted. Because, you know, SHIFT HAPPENS. I was really struggling. What is struggling but resisting the situation at hand? You want it to be what it is not. It’s a NO against reality.

You know what? I think Eckhart is sinking in. Anyway, so I decided to say YES this weekend. Yes to everything. I did 3 massages on Saturday. After the last one, Bonnie invited me to see Glick & Phillips at the Performing Arts Center where she was MCing. Ordinarily, I would have declined. I was a bit tired and wanted to get home before dark. But I said yes, and I’m so glad I did! It was a FUN night!

Sunday I had 4 massages, starting off first thing with a woman whose husband surprised her with a massage in honour of her 6oth birthday. We had such a good time! It turns out she works for an osteopath, so I did some percussor work on her as a birthday bonus. I had the rest of the a.m. free before afternoon massages, so I went to the Victorian Inn for breakfast. If you’re ever in Luray, you must go! It’s a beautifully renovated Victorian house. Mrs. Woodruff, the owner, has created such a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s like walking into a hug. Breakfast was officially over, but the chef v. graciously made the most delicious meal, including fresh fruit salad with mango (my favourite!) Then Mrs. Woodruff joined me for tea and a chat. What a de-Lightful, charming woman!

After my last massage, I went to Walmart for milk before heading home. I was wandering about and passed by Guitar Hero. The guy at Walmart asked me if I wanted to try it out. No-I-mean-YES. It was really fun except I don’t know most of the songs. I settled on the Ramones and did the drums. I sucked. But it was fun. Then I did guitar to the Clash. I was going to get up and Walmart Guy shoved the mike in my hands and said Now you have to sing. Then a little boy came by and wanted to play drums, so he drummed & I sang. To Metallica??? Just say YES! So after that, the band broke up. Artistic differences and we were pursuing our solo careers. Hahaha

So. That’s my adventure in the Land of Yes. Even when I think I’m too tired. YES.

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Anonymous said...

Found my way to your blog - and I'm a definite "new bee" with this, i.e. blogs.
Thanks for the warm comments and the "Yes". Is that a spin ? ----- 'just say yes'....??? Sometimes we must just be comfortable and courageous to use the 'Y' word.