Monday, June 17, 2013

Bingo & Tabby on Monday

Walkies with Bingo & Tabby

Down to the lake and over the log:

Here's Bingo scoping out something:

She hears something:
Furrowed brow.
And then something else:
"What's that?"  So many sights, sounds . . . 
and smells!

The lake:

T-Bob on the pier:

Bingo investigating under the pier while Tabby continues his Groom Fest.
Back up the trail:

Another day, another walk:
Out the front door. Tabby goes scritchy-scratch.

And then comes to join us up the driveway:

And back down to the lake:

T-Bob on the pier.

B-Dog down below.
Sometimes Bingo gets the leash wrapped around a branch or tree:

Tabby coming to join us, oblivious to the Challenges of the Leash:
Doing catish things, balancing on a branch.
All is well.  :-)

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